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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello again

Thank goodness for freezers and leftovers:)

Sunday afternoon it was cool and wet (to me it was more like freezing) when we arrived home so I had a little look for something easy but warming to cook and hey presto lurking on the bottom shelf was a container of some very tasty savoury mince. I found a packet of frozen veg there (emergency supplies) and along with some mashed potato we were able to have a meal on the table without too much hassle.

To have that break this past week was just what I needed and we enjoyed every minute we were away. Leaving really early on Wednesday meant it was an easy drive over taking the Western and Duke Highways, no silly ‘so n sos’ on the road or many trucks to have to contend with and we arrived quite relaxed in the afternoon.

The temperature in Melbourne had dropped a few days before going and all I wanted to see was the sunshine South Australia is famous for. As the forecast for Thursday was sunny, dry and warm (27c/81f) the 2 men went off for a round of golf at a local course and we 2 girls tootled off to Glenelg for some shopping.

My DF and husband are what we call Grey Nomads, which means they spend a lot of the southern winter travelling in their caravan up north in Queensland so she wanted a new cossie and knew a very good swimwear shop in Jetty Road who just happened to have a SALE on :)

With the really good reductions she was able to pick up a bargain.............my bargains came later.................from the Op Shop tucked away in a church hall:)

A very nice pair of shorts $2 and 3 books 20c each – timely as I was looking for things to wear later in the year if we decide to go to Cairns and now I have some new reading material 'cose I finished my last book on drive home.

The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilchers
Windfalls by Jean Hegland
Small Island by Andrea Levy

After we'd walked up and down the street it was coffee time and then my friend humoured me by letting me walk along the forshore looking at the camels (I kid you not) not donkeys they have for rides in front of the Grand. Sorry didn't have camera with me so you'll just have to click on the link for proof:)
She then let me wander along the sands and wade in the shallow - I'll not be doing that for a while as Autumn and in some places Winter has has arrived. Record lows temps for April in lots of places and the cold snap has the alpine ski resorts rubbing their hands with glee 'cose they have had some dumps - yes, little ones - but there is all that white stuff covering their runs and preparing the ground for later when hopefully it will come down and settle.
We met up with the men, listened to their their tales of woe, and then had lunch at the Dublin near the beach. Home for a quiet afternoon snooze and general chit chat before a lovely roast Leg of Lamb and veggies along with Apple Crumble for dinner .
I enjoy friends like that, doesn't matter how long since we've seen each other we are comfortable whether its noisy or quiet.
Anyway Friday was taken up renewing friendships in DH's RAF group, The Anzac DayMarch from the War Memorial and then a BBQ in the afternoon so it was a subdued evening with the 4 of us sitting reading and just talking about the day.
Saturday the group all met for lunch at the Port Dock Hotel where they also brew beers on a small scale. Had a tour of the working area also down in the cellars which actually used to be at ground level in years gone by
Hope you can read the info on this picture taken in the cellars

Home now and ready to meet life head on after a break to commemorate this special time for many Australian servicemen and their conterparts from other nations.


  1. Hello Cathy,
    Your husband has family in Berwick (I know this little town very well) - you are absolutely right - it's a small world. Thanks for leaving a comment on my Simple Life post. I will bookmark your blog so I can read it over the weekend. Take care.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. Go for it! Jan

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time Cathy. :-)

  4. Hi Cathy,
    Sounds like a lovely trip. Stay warm. Happy reading.


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