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Friday, April 11, 2008

Have been making big decisions this evening – accompanied by one very lively granddaughter (only child).

Had to Babysit overnight last night and also tonight as Father has to work and Mother is busy with something else - more of that later.

Question - Do we watch the 7pm News or Biggest Loser and then the Simpsons or a doco on Cesar Ritz?

Its obvious which programmes she wanted to watch and which ones I wanted to see but I thought we could compromise and she could potter around at 7pm and I’d clear up the kitchen at 7.30pm

Conversation went like this –

GD - Grandma we don’t have to discuss this at all.
Me - Why do you say that?
GD - We can both have what we want.
Me - How is that going to happen?
GD - Well, you do know there are 2 TVs in this house.
Me - What’s that got to do with it?
GD – Well you can stay in the Lounge room and I’ll go into the bedroom.
Me – But we won’t be together then.
GD – That doesn’t matter, I can get what I want that way.

Big discussion on togetherness and sharing and then Grandad came in from another room and threatened to turn the TV off if we didn’t agree – so we both sulked and played a game of dominoes instead!!

Football is on now so we are both watching and cheering for the same team:)

Her Mother is taking part in the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker Event – Walk or Run 100kms in 48hrs. Started this morning and her team of 4 have decided to take meal break at a couple of check ins and not sleep as some of the teams will do. At the moment (9.30pm) they are 73rd out of 650 so not doing too bad.

We went up to Silvan (15mins drive a way) earlier this evening when they had a meal break and they were in fine form. They'd walked over 50kms at theat point but there was still a long way to go and a few more hills to go up as well. Hopefully they will get there all in one piece.

Will know in the morning when she rings to say they arrived - they are fun lot, in the the big boxes of provisions their support crew are taking to the various check ins is a large bottle of champagne and lovely long stemmed glasses to toast themselves and their achievement.

Good on 'em at least they are giving it a go:))

Must mention that DD (theMother) and her friends are dedicated runners, not just some girls who just fancied something to do for a lark.
They are entered in the Gold Coast Marathon soon so this is part of their training for that.

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