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Saturday, April 19, 2008

For many years I had to think about the cost of food I bought and looked very hard at cost per 100gms to see if I could get a bargain.

Then ageing brought along various problems that meant I had to look at the ingredients as well.

We had the ‘Buy Australia’ promotions and I know that this has happened in most countries around the world trying to support their own companies and workers; now for environmental reasons we look at food miles as well and also look for locally grown – as in our own suburb or close by - foods.

Boy does my head reel at the thought of shopping these days.

I haven’t had access to home grown citrus fruit this year to make marmalade and we are partial to Marmalade on our toast sometimes so I had that on the shopping list the other day.

This is the conundrum I was faced with that day.

Scotch Marmalade
600gm cost $2.50


Saturated……. <1gm


Sodium (Salt)…35mg

Main Ingredients in order
Different Fruits
Vegetable gum (Pectin)
Food Acids

Made in Australia using local and imported fruit

Breakfast Marmalade
680gm cost $2.35

Energy 100gm 1090Kj

Fat Total…………….<1gm


Sodium (Salt)…….5mg

Main Ingredients in order
Glucose syrup (Wheat)
Food acid
Vegetable gum

Made in Poland

Dh laughed at my predicament and told me what to do. I shrugged my shoulders and bought a jar of each - his 2 way bet.

You win some you lose some - Ones as good as the other he said

Still not sure if he is right or not


  1. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders when I shop. I have resorted to just buying basics so I don't have to do so much reading!

  2. Hi
    We have a choice of my marmaldes than I can remember here and some are really good but in return there are plenty of things we dont get I am sure.
    I try to shop for local produce, frequent the farners market etc but are we really doing good? What happens to the people of Belize whose entire banana crop comes to the UK for example. If we all stop buying banans then do they starve. Shopping is getting just too complex for me to handle.
    Glad you liked the cottage smallholder by the way Cathy. Perhaps I wont be worrying where I buy my bacon from soon(although I guess I will still have to worry about the prok should, oh dear)

  3. Cathy, I too have to read all of the labels and decipher which product is most healthy. After a while you just know from past readings which brands to buy. If it's a toss up health wise, I choose the least expensive one. Luckily we grow or produce most of our own food. From my point of view, no matter what you buy you are supporting another human being.


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