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Monday, April 14, 2008

A day in my life - April 14th 2008

I've decided that once again that I will take part with Jenny over at Little Jenny Wren in her 'A Day in My Life' project so here we are again. One month on. April 14th 2008.

I woke as usual at 6.30am and lay there for a while 'cose I'd slept heavily and felt a bit thick in the head. No comments please :) My own fault as I was reading till late in the evening.

This is what have been reading

I picked Hazel's Journey up at the library and have found it so easy to read and so hard to put down.

Hazel Hawke was the wife of one of our Australlian Prime Ministers who worked for many causes and generally was liked by all who knew her. She and Mr Hawke were divorced some time after he retired from politics.

I can see so much in this book that relates to my aunt and know what Hazel Hawkes family were going through at the time. Its a while since we heard anything about her so don't know what stage of the disease she is at now.

Am looking forward to some quiet time to sit down and read some more. Also managed to get a library copy of Nella Last's War so have that to look forward to also.

Finally got up, put the kettle on and thought it's a bit cool here this morning so nipped back for dressing gown and slippers while the kettle boiled.

Took our tea back to bed and listened to Red Symons (ABC 77.4 breakfast presenter) riding round the city in a horse and carriage as a promotion for the radio station's 20/20 summit. Melbourne's Vision for the Future was going to be held in one of the chambers at State Parliament during the day and he will do anything for a laugh so was going to be the Red Rod (not Black Rod) and open the days proceedings.

Dh then put the TV on - not a daily occurence in our house as we don't watch the morning progammes - but there was golf on so I didn't say anything. Left him watching the US Masters and popped out to let the cats out.

Didn't get much reaction from them - they looked at me and snuggled back down into their beds with a look that said 'Don't you know its cool out there'

The weather man had said cool and a quick glance at the thermometer told me the same thing -10c/ 50f but then I remembered he'd also said going up to 20c/68f so all was not lost. It could turn out nice after all.

Porridge for breakfast and then a quick shower, checked emails while drying off and enjoying another cuppa. Was going to Malvern this morning so couldn't hang around too long. However passing throught the lounge room while there were ads on the TV I noticed (well the set I saw) were geared towards men. Not sure why as I know women play and watch golf as well!

Anyway there was one for men's hair colouring - the girl gave him so much more attention when his hair was darker! - another had a very nice looking young business man using a a mobile phone that took really fabulous pictures - or so the the girl who received them thought! She also had a very successful look about her - and then the third was for golf clubs - not just any golf clubs but what loooked like very expensive ones and they certainly made a difference to the man playing with them!
Hmmm - What can we read into these?

Getting dressed at 8am I heard the high school bus go by and mentally said Hello to the grandaughter who would be getting on at the end of the street and thought I must see how they are all settling down now the new school term has started.

Pottered about gathering dishes into sink (DH said he'd do them if he remembered) and fiddled about with all those little morning chores. Bed made, rooms tidyish, clothes in wash basket.

Out the door at 9am.
Part of my journey took me down Liverpool Road driving almost parallel with the hills (Dandenongs) and it was strange to see horses agisted down there all rugged up and not looking very happy, even though they have shelters I imagine its a bit miserable being in the cold overnight. Couldn't see along the top of the hills as they were clothed in low cloud.

I also noticed a lot of the deciduous trees have been turning and colouring over the past couple of weeks now the length of the days are shorter and the temps have got cooler. Autumn is here and they will be dropping their leaves soon - that reminds me of joke I'll try to write down tomorrow.
By the time I got as far as Glen Waverley the sky was looking very black, the mist had turned to rain and I could see it was cool out there. People walking along the street had windcheaters and coats on - not used to this change in temps - and yet when you think about it, it really isn't cold at all.
Got all my bits done in Malvern and then drove home the same way. The sky over the eastern suburbs looked better than the one I watched driving west earlier in the day. I could see sunshine and no black clouds - good in one way but as we need that rain bad in another.

Home about 12.30pm and after a nice cup of tea and a ham sandwich for lunch I then spent part of the afternoon moving more books back into the house.

It seems as tho we we've been doing this for ever - not just a few days.

Having the work done (carpet laid) couldn't have come at a better time as we have carted books interstate as well as all over the world and this cull is so necessary. This time I'm being strict - do we need it, does it bring us pleasure, what memories will we get from having it, will the children want it, do they want it now (please take it if you want it) can someone else gain anything by having it.
The GD who stayed here over the weekend went home with cat books and a big grin on her face. Some of them belonged to her Mother - they came back to our house after her previous marriage breakdown and so it goes on.

Whinge here - why do children think we will store for them indefinitely? Is it because they know we just won't deny them anything? Or is it because they don't want all that stuff in their own homes?

I hate sorting and giving away books and need another person there to make decisions with me as I usually end up getting sidetracked, opening them, reading and remembering things about the times we received and used them.

I remember years ago in England when I was young my Mother used to complain when she asked me to clean out the fire grate and set the fire ready to light, she'd come in and find me on the floor, leaning on my elbows, bum in the air reading the newspaper instead of scrunching it up to lay the sticks on. I hated doing that job and it was one way of putting it off:))

Spent some of this time sorting out lots of text books from past schooling - mine and DH - (so many could be very out of date) so have been thinking of putting them in op shops for those hunting on the off chance. I glanced at a chapter in one called Introduction to Management Accounting, used for a management course I did years (maybe 20?)ago and I hadn't the foggiest idea what they were talking about.

*Specify the limiting assumptions that underlie cost-volume analysis*

Any ideas? I must have known then but I certainly don't now :))

About 4pm I gave up - DH arrived home from the golf course and I picked up my knitting.

My turn to prepare and cook so I did the veggies before sitting down with my needles. In the end I sewed up a pair of slippers to take over to Adelaide later this month as a thank you gift. I mixed a tweedy pink with her favourite red pink and I think she will really like the combination.

So here it is about 7.30pm.

Dishes are finally done - including the ones from this morning -and at the moment I don't fancy anything on TV.

It hasn't been a testing day, the traffic was normal with no hold ups, it hasn't been a 'busy' day, just one that flowed from one thing to another so knitting this evening will round out this peaceful day.


  1. Hi,
    Hope you're having a great week.

  2. It was nice sharing in your day - sounds like a lovely one.


  3. Hello,
    I enjoyed your writing about your day. Have a good week.
    I shall look out for Hazel's story.

  4. My parents have been slowly emptying their house of all the flotsam that was left there when we all moved out about 25 years ago.

  5. Some of our trees have turned, but I noticed in Tumbarumba and Canberra they are very pretty atm. Maybe because it is colder?


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll have to look out for Hazel's book - it sounds interesting.

  7. Cathy is is a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for coming by and viewing my journal of my vacation in Arizona! Weather here is 97F and the skies are blue every day!
    sunkissed in AZ.. NG

  8. Haha. I can relate to the reading and nor cleaning the grate. My son could never get the newspaper to start the fire. He would get lost in reading old the old news and forget what he was doing!
    Loved hearing about your day!

  9. Sounds like a good day to me :-)

    Cathy I'd be happy to email you the Tomato Sauce recipe.

    Email me and I will reply with the recipe:-)


  10. Cathy, what are you knitting? I cannot imagine it being fall there. Our Spring is just starting.


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