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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At long last

He's finally finished.
Its taken a while but this little bear is finally finished.
I started him about this time last year at a class with Heather Harwood and somehow he never got finished off.
For a long time all he needed was a nose and to have his ears sewn on.
The nose never seemed to be right and was undone so many times I found I could only do it outside in the bright sunshine.
I was reminded of his state when I took things from the bedroom the other week and gave myself a talking to about all the UFOs I had around the place.
So last night he was finally finished off.
For a few years bear making was all I did. No other handcraft seemed to hold my attention. I sewed them all by hand as using a machine just didn't seem right. It was during an unhappy time of my life and I spent a fortune on Mohair, stuffing, joints and glass eyes making loads of them and then giving them all away as gifts.
I have kept the first one I made and another but no others.
It had been a while since then so when I saw this class advertised I booked in and even tho it was graded as beginners and I knew what I was doing it was nice to listen to a fresh voice talking about the craft and hearing new ideas on finishing tecniques
This little one will stay and maybe it will rekindle my interest in something I really enjoyed.


  1. That's really nice... keep it up!

  2. Your bear is adorable Cathy. I bet it feels good that he is finished now. :-)

    Great Joke too. lol


  3. I love bears! Have you looked at my knitting label at all the bears I have knit?? It is so much fun to do! I love putting on the arms and legs..and then the face - the characters really come out once the eyes and nose are put on. I use old buttons for mine...and right now I have one to stuff and put together..it is off-white and made with quite a unique type of yarn.

    Sigh...they make me so happy!

  4. Cathy, I love your bear. I have made a few in my lifetime. The last one I made was from an old worn out quilt that belonged to my Mother. She had made the quilt and I couldn't "bear" to part with it.


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