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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One thing leads to another

Sometimes I think I’m taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back :((

For years we have stored various items in large made for the purpose plastic covers on the top shelf that ran the whole length of the wardrobe in our bedroom - things that weren’t in everyday use like the thick woollen winter blanket and all my winter cardigans and jumpers/sweaters. Cose I’m on the short side I needed to use the kitchen steps to reach and get anything up or down from there and it was becoming a nuisance tugging at slippery covers and tossing them on to the bed and then trying to replace them nice and neatly when I’d finished so consequently many things got left on the bedroom chair or at times on the floor :(

So after an eventful morning recently trying to retrieve something from this b.........shelf in the wardrobe and wondering how on earth I will be able to do it as I get older and maybe not as nimble on my feet I decided there had to be another solution.

Also in the bedroom we have had a long, rather than tall, chest of drawers that sat quite nicely against one of the walls, there was space on either end but I put a chair there to fill the gap. It had several drawers than ran side by side with 2 smaller ones at the top. They were adequate but not really large enough - DH had his side and I had mine.

On a trip to Ikea before Christmas I spied a chest of drawers like the one below that seemed reasonable for the price - meaning it wouldn't fall apart in the first month or two (Ikea isn't cheap but then its not top of the range either).

An idea started to form in my mind - by good fortune the length of these mean't I could put 3 side by side in the same place as the other one along the whole length of the same wall. DH and I could have one each and the other could be used for all the stuff on the shelf.

I decided to get 2 the same height and another the same length with the same depth drawers but with 3 instead of 4 making it lower and this one we put at the end away from the door. The TV is on there and because its lower isn't noticable from the doorway. We don't use the tv very often in there but sometimes it comes in handy for the grandchildren and you know how they love being on or in Grandma's bed :))

They are working a treat, we use them in the same manner as the other ones - I can go to the top one and find undies and so on with the added benefit of them being deeper so I can put more in which has been a help with some clothing as I had trouble closing some of the previous drawers.
The drawers are deep enough for the largest item (the big blanket ) and just the right size for the woollens side by side in another drawer. I have put handbags in one of the other set another thing that just moved from spot to spot so as far a worrisome storage they have been a good choice
My reference to the 1 forward 2 back is about the following:-

The top surface of the original set never seemed to gather any rubbish............. - you know the bits and pieces you put down just for minute but leave there for days............ - but this lovely long surface seems to be forever covered in papers and other bits and there isn't the lovely clean look I wanted to achieve.

I've tried putting a few photos there to cover some of the space but that doesn't seem to deter either of us and yes I'll own up to being the main culprit at putting things down and not moving them on.

Oh woe is me - DH laughs and says 'You win some, you lose some Look to yourself Catherine'

Don't you love them when they are in the right lol


  1. Hi Cathy,
    You are doing the same thing I am. How is the weather there? It is a little cooler here. I think I am done for the day. I haul about 100 pounds of junk out of the house today.

  2. Don't feel too badly Cathy, any clear horizontal surface in my house would soon be covered in stuff that shouldn't be there too. It's just the way things go until I get tired of looking at it and then move it to some other surface. Ha!

  3. Hi Cathy. I'm not sure it's possible to have that mythical clear horizontal surface in a home that's actually lived in, is it?

    Thanks for dropping by earlier; when you know what makes me tick I hope you'll let me know!!


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