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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now the year starts proper

We had a quiet time away just enjoying the nice pleasant weather and the fact that there was no mobile reception where we were. Not too hot so we walked and DH golfed one day while I sat in a chair outside an read all day long with no interruptions cept for these two who came to say Hello. One sulphur crested Cockatoo and australian Magpie.

I'll try to post some photos of the very dry area where we stayed next week. The cabins were lakeside - except there is no lake now in that part. Lake Eildon has sort of shrunk in size and this 'arm' definitely dried up.

I have been home for a week now and haven’t stopped for long as it's back to the usual routine of life but I did pop in and visit several people several evenings but haven’t got round to updating my week. Lets just say it’s been busy.

We did however go to the theatre the other night to see Burt Bacharach in concert. Christmas present from me to DH and from DH to me:))

It was a fabulous evening at the Hamer Hall in the Arts Centre – the man himself along with his troupe of musicians and singers as well as the MSO.

They played and sang all his well known hits along with some of his 'really' old hits that I never knew he actually wrote eg. Story of my Life, Magic Moments, Tower of Strength and Liberty Valance. I knew most of the words to everything they played which was a worry and my feet kept tapping along - the audience was a mixture of ages and it looked like his fan club were in the really front row stalls as they were up at the stage hanging on at the end of the show. Good fun evening.

Last month we went to see Pricilla Queen of the Desert The Musical which was fabulous. Stage musicals are my favourite and the colour and music blew me away. A follow on from the film and with a story line that isn't to everyones taste - it was a hoot and thank you to some of our children for a fabulous christmas present.

We also have another present to use but will pick our time for this one. Tickets to the cinema but not any old cinema - Gold Lounge tickets so I'll have to find a good movie to watch in their fabulous recliner chairs with all the service that goes with it. I love going there and not having to pay is a bonus. Thank you to that set of children as well.

Must go now, will talk another day Bye


  1. What a wonderful relaxing time you've had. Vacations are so nice.

  2. Hi cathie,
    It has been 77 here.. Very nice to sit outside. I have been planning my garden.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Good to hear from you. We're having some sunny days right now warming up to the 60's. Take care


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