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Friday, February 22, 2008

Changing times

It’s going to be cool here overnight – the forecast is 9c/49f – so it looks like summer is not going to hang around for much longer. The past couple of weeks have been quite changeable with some hot days and some much much cooler ones.

Looks like Autumn is on its way and I think it’s nearly time to add another blanket to the bed.

I don’t spend a lot of time in the big shopping centres these days so just glance at the store catalogues like Target and Big W when they arrive in the letterbox. Nothing better than a cup of tea and half an hour reading the junk mail to see all the stuff I don’t need. The most recent ones have been full of autumnal clothes and I began to think about whether I needed another pair of bedroom slippers.

Short answer is NO................................................after scouting round the house looking in various places I discovered 2 pairs of flat slip on ones, 2 pairs of soft ones, another thicker similar sort, another pair styled like boots and a pair of sheepskin slip on type with proper soles that I bought last winter in the sales.

I also found 2 pairs of knitted ones that hadn’t been worn for a few years so I scouted out the pattern and knitted some more. The pattern calls for 8ply or double knit doubled and they are really easy to make, comfy and easy to wear almost like walking around with nothing on your feet yet there is. I see ones in the Mary Anne style are all the rage so I have hunted down a free pattern on the web I might try some time.

Back to the collection of grubby ones gathered in my laundry - on one of those really hot days I put the lot into the washing machine for a full cycle and then hung them on the line to dry. They were almost like new, even the sheepskins ones so as I said before I certainly don’t need any more for this winter.

With the coming of the new carpet to cover the polished boards sometime in April we are trying to relearn the habit of taking our shoes off when we come indoors no matter which door we use. At the moment its still warm and I wear bare feet but as the floors cool down I’m going to need to put something on my feet in the house so if there are several to choose from on each of the shoe racks it won’t matter if there are some at the front door or at the back, means I won’t have to go looking for them.

Well in theory that is – sometimes I take them off and wander about and then put a different pair on leaving the others where I left them. That sound very Irish but I’m sure you know what I mean. Could be by the armchair, by the bed, under the bed, by the computer, in the bathroom, in fact anywhere.

Shouldn’t be telling you these things should I, you are learning that I’m not the tidiest person in the house.


  1. Hi Cathy,I have been solving that hunting for things in our home. I have given everything an assign place. LOL
    It is starting to warm up here.

  2. While your summer is on it's way out, our winter is on it's way out.

    have only one pair of slippers so I don't have the problems you are having with all of yours. Perhaps you have TOO MANY rather than not enough. Ha. I love knitted slippers.


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