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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another cleaning day

Well I did a bit of cleaning out today.

Its 2 years since I first started my writings here, at that time I was more concerned about my weight and thought this would be a way of keeping track of any exercise I did and a way to see where I was going wrong with my diet.

I spent hours reading other blogs written by people concerned with their health weight so had a huge blogroll I would check each day. That led me to reading other kinds of blogs, crafty ones, recipe ones, full on exercise ones and I was spending so much time on the computer DH said he felt like a Blog Widower!!

I then discovered Bloglines and realised I didn’t have to check each one every day as it would let me know when they had been updated. That saved me hours and maybe ‘the marriage’:))

Life in my house is never the same from week to week and I’m like the child in the class who can’t keep quiet so my blog has become quite dynamic in that it changes as my interest changes and has evolved into a chatty one where (like my header) I now talk about anything and everything.

So back to the decluttering mentioned above.

Bloglines is great but I had so many blogs listed I was finding it hard to read all the updates and I was losing interest in some of the blogs I did read.

Some blogs only have a portion of the post show up and it means opening the whole blog to read the complete post. I get annoyed if this happens and feel the time I had saved is being eaten up by having to do this.

So I had a good long hard look at what I had earmarked as blogs I wanted to keep in touch with. Some of the ones who only had partial feeds have gone and also some I have lost interest in. A lot of these were ones I listed after seeing them linked on other sites and wanted to see more of but decided it was just that – more of the same.

Hopefully this means I will be happier with the ones I do keep in touch with and will have more time to make my presence known by making comments.


  1. Blog reading, while entertaining, does eat up a lot of time. I still check my favorites everyday but I don't always read comments. I know that's bad because it's the comments that keep us, as bloggers, interested in updating regularly. My trouble with keeping a lid on my favorites is that I have so many varied interests and enjoy a number of different types of blogs. I'm still wrestling with what to do about THAT! LOL.

  2. Hello, Cathy, from Brooklyn, NY!
    Thanks for the tip about bloglines. I'm a fairly new blogger and I've accumulated a lot of favorite blogs so far, so it will be good to be able to see which ones are updated without having to go to each one.
    Happy Day! Pat

  3. H Cathy
    Did you get around to trying the cornflake cale between blogs and de-cluttering?
    I tried to de-clutter my direct debit list from the bank last week (hey, it all counts and it can be done sitting down at the computer) and ended up geting rid of loads of active ones. I have had companies on the phone all week asking for money. I have learnt to never assume that the highet number is the most recent one when more than one direct debit has the same name.
    Speak to you again soon



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