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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another cleaning day

Well I did a bit of cleaning out today.

Its 2 years since I first started my writings here, at that time I was more concerned about my weight and thought this would be a way of keeping track of any exercise I did and a way to see where I was going wrong with my diet.

I spent hours reading other blogs written by people concerned with their health weight so had a huge blogroll I would check each day. That led me to reading other kinds of blogs, crafty ones, recipe ones, full on exercise ones and I was spending so much time on the computer DH said he felt like a Blog Widower!!

I then discovered Bloglines and realised I didn’t have to check each one every day as it would let me know when they had been updated. That saved me hours and maybe ‘the marriage’:))

Life in my house is never the same from week to week and I’m like the child in the class who can’t keep quiet so my blog has become quite dynamic in that it changes as my interest changes and has evolved into a chatty one where (like my header) I now talk about anything and everything.

So back to the decluttering mentioned above.

Bloglines is great but I had so many blogs listed I was finding it hard to read all the updates and I was losing interest in some of the blogs I did read.

Some blogs only have a portion of the post show up and it means opening the whole blog to read the complete post. I get annoyed if this happens and feel the time I had saved is being eaten up by having to do this.

So I had a good long hard look at what I had earmarked as blogs I wanted to keep in touch with. Some of the ones who only had partial feeds have gone and also some I have lost interest in. A lot of these were ones I listed after seeing them linked on other sites and wanted to see more of but decided it was just that – more of the same.

Hopefully this means I will be happier with the ones I do keep in touch with and will have more time to make my presence known by making comments.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Changing times

It’s going to be cool here overnight – the forecast is 9c/49f – so it looks like summer is not going to hang around for much longer. The past couple of weeks have been quite changeable with some hot days and some much much cooler ones.

Looks like Autumn is on its way and I think it’s nearly time to add another blanket to the bed.

I don’t spend a lot of time in the big shopping centres these days so just glance at the store catalogues like Target and Big W when they arrive in the letterbox. Nothing better than a cup of tea and half an hour reading the junk mail to see all the stuff I don’t need. The most recent ones have been full of autumnal clothes and I began to think about whether I needed another pair of bedroom slippers.

Short answer is NO................................................after scouting round the house looking in various places I discovered 2 pairs of flat slip on ones, 2 pairs of soft ones, another thicker similar sort, another pair styled like boots and a pair of sheepskin slip on type with proper soles that I bought last winter in the sales.

I also found 2 pairs of knitted ones that hadn’t been worn for a few years so I scouted out the pattern and knitted some more. The pattern calls for 8ply or double knit doubled and they are really easy to make, comfy and easy to wear almost like walking around with nothing on your feet yet there is. I see ones in the Mary Anne style are all the rage so I have hunted down a free pattern on the web I might try some time.

Back to the collection of grubby ones gathered in my laundry - on one of those really hot days I put the lot into the washing machine for a full cycle and then hung them on the line to dry. They were almost like new, even the sheepskins ones so as I said before I certainly don’t need any more for this winter.

With the coming of the new carpet to cover the polished boards sometime in April we are trying to relearn the habit of taking our shoes off when we come indoors no matter which door we use. At the moment its still warm and I wear bare feet but as the floors cool down I’m going to need to put something on my feet in the house so if there are several to choose from on each of the shoe racks it won’t matter if there are some at the front door or at the back, means I won’t have to go looking for them.

Well in theory that is – sometimes I take them off and wander about and then put a different pair on leaving the others where I left them. That sound very Irish but I’m sure you know what I mean. Could be by the armchair, by the bed, under the bed, by the computer, in the bathroom, in fact anywhere.

Shouldn’t be telling you these things should I, you are learning that I’m not the tidiest person in the house.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is what my mind is like at the moment

We are going to start with a joke this evening

An oldie but a goodie :(

What's Your Name, Again?

Two elderly ladies had been friends for many decades.

Over the years they had shared all kinds of activities and adventures.

Lately, their activities had been limited to playing cards a few times a week.

One day when playing cards, one looked at the other and said, "Now don't get mad at me.

I know we've been friends a long time, but I just can't think of your name.

I've thought and thought, but I can't remember it.

Please tell me what your name is."

Her friend glared at her.

For at least three minutes she just stared and glared.

Finally she said, "How soon do you need to know?"

This is how I'm feeling at the moment - Its all in there but seems to be taking its time to come to the surface lol

Trying to organise hand surgery for my aunt (courtesy of the horse knocking her over back in November) The surgeon won't do it unless theres some back up home care. Could be a day case but as his list is in the afternoon I feel it better she stays overnight.

Trying to organise a mammogram for yours truly but things keep cropping up and I have cancelled twice and I'm sure the Breast Screen receptionist doesn't quite believe me when I ring and say I have to be elsewhere on the day she suggests.

Like wise with the tradesmen who are coming to give me quotes on refitting the wardrobe in our bedroom who think I should cancel all other commitments and be prepared to stay home all day long on the off chance they will turn up.

One of those other things that just happened to get in the way was a funeral :(

The built in wardrobe was very basic and used to just have a shelf and long hanging rail, I first had it fitted out with long and short hanging rails and shelves etc about 20 years ago and now needs doing again as the white melamine covering on the shelves is looking gunky and awful.

The original doors that just opened out were replaced with 2 large sliding mirror doors but they are becoming a pain to open. I think 3 would be better and that way we'll be able to get to the clothes in the middle more easily.

The carpet man finally arrived (after 2 appointments were cancelled - one by me and one by him ) measured up the house and nearly gave me a heart attack when the quote arrived - thank goodness we have been saving and I won't need to rethink the type of carpet I took so long to choose.

Have to get the wardrobe in the bedroom done first before the carpet can be laid tho'

Its funny but when you talk to tradesmen or others about appointments or about renovations etc one of the first things they ask "How soon do you want this done?" and I always think of the joke at the top. :))

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One thing leads to another

Sometimes I think I’m taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back :((

For years we have stored various items in large made for the purpose plastic covers on the top shelf that ran the whole length of the wardrobe in our bedroom - things that weren’t in everyday use like the thick woollen winter blanket and all my winter cardigans and jumpers/sweaters. Cose I’m on the short side I needed to use the kitchen steps to reach and get anything up or down from there and it was becoming a nuisance tugging at slippery covers and tossing them on to the bed and then trying to replace them nice and neatly when I’d finished so consequently many things got left on the bedroom chair or at times on the floor :(

So after an eventful morning recently trying to retrieve something from this b.........shelf in the wardrobe and wondering how on earth I will be able to do it as I get older and maybe not as nimble on my feet I decided there had to be another solution.

Also in the bedroom we have had a long, rather than tall, chest of drawers that sat quite nicely against one of the walls, there was space on either end but I put a chair there to fill the gap. It had several drawers than ran side by side with 2 smaller ones at the top. They were adequate but not really large enough - DH had his side and I had mine.

On a trip to Ikea before Christmas I spied a chest of drawers like the one below that seemed reasonable for the price - meaning it wouldn't fall apart in the first month or two (Ikea isn't cheap but then its not top of the range either).

An idea started to form in my mind - by good fortune the length of these mean't I could put 3 side by side in the same place as the other one along the whole length of the same wall. DH and I could have one each and the other could be used for all the stuff on the shelf.

I decided to get 2 the same height and another the same length with the same depth drawers but with 3 instead of 4 making it lower and this one we put at the end away from the door. The TV is on there and because its lower isn't noticable from the doorway. We don't use the tv very often in there but sometimes it comes in handy for the grandchildren and you know how they love being on or in Grandma's bed :))

They are working a treat, we use them in the same manner as the other ones - I can go to the top one and find undies and so on with the added benefit of them being deeper so I can put more in which has been a help with some clothing as I had trouble closing some of the previous drawers.
The drawers are deep enough for the largest item (the big blanket ) and just the right size for the woollens side by side in another drawer. I have put handbags in one of the other set another thing that just moved from spot to spot so as far a worrisome storage they have been a good choice
My reference to the 1 forward 2 back is about the following:-

The top surface of the original set never seemed to gather any rubbish............. - you know the bits and pieces you put down just for minute but leave there for days............ - but this lovely long surface seems to be forever covered in papers and other bits and there isn't the lovely clean look I wanted to achieve.

I've tried putting a few photos there to cover some of the space but that doesn't seem to deter either of us and yes I'll own up to being the main culprit at putting things down and not moving them on.

Oh woe is me - DH laughs and says 'You win some, you lose some Look to yourself Catherine'

Don't you love them when they are in the right lol

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now the year starts proper

We had a quiet time away just enjoying the nice pleasant weather and the fact that there was no mobile reception where we were. Not too hot so we walked and DH golfed one day while I sat in a chair outside an read all day long with no interruptions cept for these two who came to say Hello. One sulphur crested Cockatoo and australian Magpie.

I'll try to post some photos of the very dry area where we stayed next week. The cabins were lakeside - except there is no lake now in that part. Lake Eildon has sort of shrunk in size and this 'arm' definitely dried up.

I have been home for a week now and haven’t stopped for long as it's back to the usual routine of life but I did pop in and visit several people several evenings but haven’t got round to updating my week. Lets just say it’s been busy.

We did however go to the theatre the other night to see Burt Bacharach in concert. Christmas present from me to DH and from DH to me:))

It was a fabulous evening at the Hamer Hall in the Arts Centre – the man himself along with his troupe of musicians and singers as well as the MSO.

They played and sang all his well known hits along with some of his 'really' old hits that I never knew he actually wrote eg. Story of my Life, Magic Moments, Tower of Strength and Liberty Valance. I knew most of the words to everything they played which was a worry and my feet kept tapping along - the audience was a mixture of ages and it looked like his fan club were in the really front row stalls as they were up at the stage hanging on at the end of the show. Good fun evening.

Last month we went to see Pricilla Queen of the Desert The Musical which was fabulous. Stage musicals are my favourite and the colour and music blew me away. A follow on from the film and with a story line that isn't to everyones taste - it was a hoot and thank you to some of our children for a fabulous christmas present.

We also have another present to use but will pick our time for this one. Tickets to the cinema but not any old cinema - Gold Lounge tickets so I'll have to find a good movie to watch in their fabulous recliner chairs with all the service that goes with it. I love going there and not having to pay is a bonus. Thank you to that set of children as well.

Must go now, will talk another day Bye