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Friday, January 11, 2008

Summer is still making itself known

The bush fire season is well and truly in full swing, fire ban days one after the other and fires burning in several places in Victoria.

This week we have had some stinkers, yesterday was about 41c/ 106f again but then again we have also had a couple of those lovely lazy hazy days that are a pleasure to have around.

This week we’ve also have been minding 2 of our grand children (summer holidays don’t finish here till the end of January) and they also have been a pleasure to have around. Hot days mean trips to shopping centres and the cinema.

The afternoon we went to escape the heat in the cinema we saw Alvin and The Chipmunks, which was quite funny for a children’s film. Some of these so called made for children films are terrible and the trailers shown on TV highlight the small amount of funny bits so it’s bad enough when ‘I’ sit down in the cinema and don’t find it funny without listening to them grumbling all the way home.

Plus I always feel as tho I’ve wasted my money taking them:(

Another afternoon we did some food shopping and there were the inevitable questions about why I bought this brand and not that one – I did a little educating on why I felt the most expensive wasn’t always the best choice for me but I’m not sure if any of stuck. The other question from them is why I buy fresh vegetables to be cooked and not frozen or in a tin.

They eat an awful lot of processed food and don’t always ‘like’ what is put on the table at Grandma’s so it’s a battle of wits some days when they are here but they usually leave the table full and I try to have a special pudding on those days.

It’s funny but lately, as they have become older, it’s been easier to relate to some of the grandchildren and yet with others it’s becoming harder. Those who were quiet as littlies have now found their voices and opinions and the noisy ones seem to have become quiet and moody. Most of them are girls as well so enough said :)

Talking about food – after my pity party the other week I had another word with the GP and he suggested I take my thyroxine on a completely empty stomach so instead of last thing before I go to bed I am now taking it first thing before I even get out of bed and not having any breakfast for at least half an hour after that.

At that time I would have had at least a six hour fast and the stomach would be completely empty – and guess what – I feel so much better for it. I’m not eating any differently and because of the heat I haven’t started walking again yet somehow I have misplaced 2 kilos/nearly 4.5lbs since that time. I am not looking for it tho - whoever wants it can claim it:))


  1. Hi Cathy.
    I haven't been around since middle of November. I will return soon!! I loved the photos on an earlier entry of the dancing!

    I mean to return to my blog in the next few days. I've been away and since returning have been very busy with errands and appointments.

    Look forward to catching up soon.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    So glad your back.Imiss you when you don't post.
    Our weather is cold. I want warm but not hot like your having.Seems our summer are getting hotter and hotter.So much its hard to enjoy.
    Hope you have/had fun with the Grands.
    Hope you have a Great wk end!


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