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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Opportunity Shop Shopping

I used to do this regularly when our children were young. Money was tight and there were always good bargains to be had in our area. In those days the op shops were usually small in size and run by local churches or charities.

This was long before Trash and Treasure Markets, Garage Sales and Ebay became popular places for people to dispose of their ‘surplus goods’ - things were given in good faith hoping that the said charity would earn some welcome cash. Nowadays large organizations like Goodwill and The Smith Family have huge warehouses and charge the earth for rubbish.

Anyway last week while the girls were here we took a 20minute drive to Healesville for something to do. Managed to find a park behing the main street in the shade under a huge tree and gettingout of the car oneof the girlspointed to a sign painted on the back of one of the buildings - Op shop .

They asked if they could go in and look for books - sounded ok to me.

There’s not a lot of spare cash in their house so books aren’t on the shopping list, Grandma supplies most of their reading matter and if Grandma can get it at reduced prices she’s happy.

Grandma came out very very happy :))

She managed to snaffle several Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings books for less than a dollar each and some Babysitters Club for 10c each.

These days I willingly give all my surplus stuff to a small op shop but I might be tempted to start looking around the shelves again closer to home and see if there are more bargains like that to be had.

We finished off by walking down the street to the Ice Cream Shop with a spring in the step and I didn’t mind spending nearly $5 each for an absolutely delicious double serve (2 different flavours) in a waffle cone. :)))

Edited: Spelling incorrect Morris not Maurice

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I love a good buy:o)
    Sounds like you did great!
    Have a great wekend.


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