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Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Challenge doing the rounds

In todays post Rhonda at Down to Earth is talking about a challenge she intends to takes.

Thinking about it made me realise that's something I could do as well.

There are 3 things where I think I could make a behavioural change.

Plastic bags are a pest and it’s when I don’t think ahead on my way out and I end up at the shops bag less that the problems start. I try to carry small purchases out of the shop in my hands or in any other bag I might be carrying.

In the boot of my car is an insulated cool bag and 6 green shopping bags as well as an assortment of other bags all contained in a much larger bag bright red from Bunnings All of these are for using at the supermarket or elsewhere when shopping,

Now the trick to reducing my use of plastic bags is to remember to take them out of the car when I go into the supermarket and also to return them empty to the boot the next day. That second action is the critical one as half the time they sit on the back deck outside the kitchen door where I have put them ready to take to the car

The green grocer we use has degradable ones so I use those for the rubbish but I’d like to get out of that habit as well. DH does that shopping so to begin with I’d have to keep reminding him about the boxes he could use that are available at the front of the shop Nothing organic (we composting and I have a worm farm) goes in the bin so much to my annoyance most of the household rubbish is plastic packaging in one form or another. Some of the cardboard could be put in the compost or used for mulch and any over could go in the recycling bin.

The issue of Plastic Water Bottles is a tricky one as I really need to drink lots of water during the day and I still haven’t found the ideal water bottle to take out with me. I don’t buy many bottles of water because I rinse and sterilise the ones I have before they are refilled from the tap but when I do its to take the place of one I have thrown away

We have lots we’ve been given as volunteers (sports type), but they are quite bulky and the tops taste awful. They have such wide necks it’s almost impossible to take the top off and try to drink that way. There are ones enclosed in an insulated fabric suit that children use for school and have a sort of pop top for drinking from but as I said both these and the sports bottles are quite bulky and that’s fine if I have a larger tote bag with me but they don’t fit comfortably or neatly into any of my handbags for when I’m out in the city and not carrying a tote with me.

I’ll continue to use the ones I have but will definitely be on the look out for a neater refillable one – I don’t intend to buy any more water from the supermarket.

My other change (and this is a personal one maybe not seconded by others) will be in the use of Paper Tissues for the blowing noses and wiping other things.

These days lots of people seem to be overly concerned with cleanliness - germs and hygiene are stress makers for some so paper tissues fit in well with a disposable way of life - use it, toss it and the germs away leaving someone else look after the problem. They don't take up much room in the rubbish but I don't know how long they take to rot down and even tho they are a paper product certainly don't want them in the compost or be fed to the worms.

Down side is once used they are no more and we have to renew the supply which can be costly in time and money and once in contact with liquid they disintergrate quckly - who has memories of that elusive one that tried to swim in the washing machine.

There are rows and rows of paper products in the supermarket and elsewhere all made from trees in a forest somewhere in the world and viying for our eye (or should that be nose).

Rhonda has said this challenge is to reduce the environmently challenging things we do so this is what I have in my mind.

Tucked away in a drawer in my bedroom are more than a dozen very pretty ladies handkerchieves. In another drawer in the same room are also more than a dozen very much larger gents handkerchieves.

None of these have been used for quite a while so next time anyone sneezes in my house I will be off to the bedroom for a hanky and not to bring out a box of tissues. :)

Hankies as opposed to tissues durable - they will last quite a long time.
They are reusable - can be washed and sterilised
They are economical in that as well as buying them new they can be made from soft recycled materials - to your own measurements as well.
Even tho we think otherwise they are more hygienic than tissues - we don't end up with germs from nasal discharge or phlegm on our hands or fingers
They are easier on the nose and skin than some of the paper tissues. Some brands promoted as 'softer than normal' contain chenicals that are not
They are easier to store - we need less space to store them than large boxes of tissues take


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Welcome aboard the Challenge.I'm on board also. MAybe we can encourage each other :o)
    I have been lazy lately. I know once I get back to doing it ,it will come easy as I've done it before .
    Hope you have a great day.I enjoy my visits with you.You always INSPIRE me .Thanks!
    Blessins', Lib

  2. Hi Cathy, I have bought Sigg bottles for all of us.... they are excellent re-fillable bottles that don't taint or have a nasty taste. They might be a little bulky for your needs, but as I always have a basket or a nappy bag with me I always have somewhere to put them.
    I hope you find a solution. Good luck with your challenge.

  3. Hi Cathy. I've tagged you. Come and read my post. : )

  4. these are good Cathy...I think it is my first time at your blog...
    I know many women..who use fabric napkins now for their meals...fabric cleaning cloths instead of paper towels etc...
    pretty handkerchiefs are a great idea...my husband has used fabric ones our whole married life....I just wash them in hot water with other *whites*...

  5. Hi cathy,
    We have started recylcing too. It has been a fun adventure. Makes me think before I buy.


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