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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hot time in suburbs this New Year

Yesterdy was New Years Day and I did nothing:)

I sat on the couch with the airconditioning going full belt and I read and watched the Cricket.

Not good for the environment I know but once things are back to the usual routine it will most likely have been the only time I was able to do that. I did enjoy that feeling of not actually 'doing' anything - shorts and tshirt day, rummaging around in the fridge day, if you want it you can help yourself day (within reason I said to DH), too hot to do anything day.

Yes it was as the kids say - a stinking hot day - another over 40c/102f this time it went up to 43c/109-110f in my back garden - yes stinking hot!! But then looking at what Rose over at Quilted Hills is putting up with I'm not sure which is the worst of the two!! 12f is about -10c not my idea of fun LOL

A cool change came through late in the afternoon and oh, the welcome relief that brought. All the doors and windows were opened and it was sheer pleasure to feel the cool breeze blowing through the house.

Today has been lovely. Mid 20's with a southerly (thats our cool wind - northerlies are the hot ones) The Weather Bureau says temps will start rising again tomorrow and we'll have hot days again. Loooks like I'll be doing some sorting out and cupboard cleaning.

I did actually get DH to go through his ties on NY Eve. Most of his working life he had to wear a tie and so has(HAD) quite a collection but since retiring as well as leaving his wrist watch in the drawer he's only worn a tie about 3 times a year in the past 5 years.

So we disposed of at least 20 to the local opshop/thrift shop and there are still another 20 to 'think' about. Whats to think about I said - a remark not accepted very well - so they are back on the tie hanger up the end of the wardrobe with all the business shirts he felt he had to hold on to:(

I was waiting for remarks about the number of shoes on my side of the wardrobe so decided as it was HOT I'd go and make drinks and not push my luck:) Sort of cool the air.

Tomorrow I'm going to look at what is stockpiled in the garage.

I have several large packing cases out there containing lots of things I've stocked up on, I know theres some large tins of Milo and several bottles of dishwashing liquid and don't tell anyone but I discovered the other day I have 120 rolls of toilet paper out there. Its about the only thing I can't skimp on - recycled just doesn't feel the same so when I see the 'good' ones on special I buy a lot. So 5 x 16 rolls and 5 x 8 rolls will last me a while .......................quite a while.......................but what am I going to do if I see it at a good price during the year or more this lot will last us LOL


  1. Hi Cathy,
    It's winter time here. 13F BRRRRRRRR ,thats too cold for me. We have weird weather 13 now and in a few days back to the 60s. So I look forward to that.
    I'm with you on the toilet paper.lol I save and recycle where i can but not there.lol
    Stay cool and I;ll try to stay warm.:o)
    Happy New Yr.
    Blessins', Lib

  2. Happy New Year Cathy!

    LOL about your toilet rolls. We are paranoid about running out too! I won't buy the nasty stuff either.

  3. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your title in french would be "If fait chaud (warm). C'est l'ete." Stay cool. We are freezing our bums off. Water pipes are frozen again. They say we will have 60 degrees F by Monday (weekend). I will have water then. M

  4. It is nice to do nothing. That is pretty much what we are doing today. A bad storm is ravaging the area. Winds up to 45mph, rain. Power outages, trees, lines, fences down. Our fence came down. Thank goodness the dog was in the house. Thanks to a good neighbor it is prop up for now.

  5. Happy New Year Cathy! I had to laugh at your toilet paper stock pile. I tend to stock pile things too. I think it comes from growing up with two Grandmas who lived through the Great Depression. When it's on a good sale I have to get it "becuase you never know when you will need it!" LOL We have weather like yours sometimes in the summer too and I hate it! I'm glad you had a fun do nothing sort of a day.

  6. I laughed too, at your toilet paper count. I'm sure if I had the space I would stockpile the stuff too.

    We've had some decent weather this past week too. Still very cold at night but daytime temps in the 30's and 40's which is waaay warm for this time of year. I am hoping for much more snow soon though. We desperately need the moisture.

    Happy New Year!

    Rose at Quilted Hills

  7. Cathy I am so pleased to meet yet another Aussie! I visit several of you!It is neat to visit and experiencing the opposite weather to ours! However with global warming our snow has melted with temps of 55F. ..
    unheard of this time of year here in Cnanda!!The birdies though continue to enjoy my ~tree of life!~
    g'day see you soon NG

  8. Hi Cathy

    Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me a happy blogiversary. I had no idea you had been lurking there! :-)

    I'm with you on the toilet paper; tried the unbleached stuff once but went right back to the good stuff as soon as it was all gone! And one ply is really a waste of money because you have to use twice [or three times] as much!! As for that shiny stuff in so many public toilets... don't get me started!! LOL



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