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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bits and Pieces

It has been a quiet week caring for my aunt and having fun with grandchildren still on holiday from school. Lovely warm pleasant days and as the new school year starts next week they are trying to fit as much in as possible.

We went to see a fabulous film called The Water Horse and one I would recommend even if you don’t have children. Not really a film for little ones as there are a few scary scenes and war scenes that make you jump a bit but certainly for maybe 10 years and over. Story line has lots for everyone and the scenery is magnificent.

Oh and I did some unexpected rearranging and sorting out at home which all started when my unt wanted her linen cupboard tidied up.

When she moved to her new place others ‘put things away’ for her and for quite a while I’ve been itching to sort this cupboard out but needed her to ask so it didn’t look like I was interfering. To me it was obvious she couldn’t reach where the towels were or put her sheets in the spaces allocated but she kept on insisting all was well so I heaved a sigh of relief when she finally asked me to help. So after sitting her in front of the cupboard I started to take things out and ask questions about how often they were used, would she be using them again etc. This gave me an idea of which shelf to actually put the stuff back onto.

Anyway when we got to the bottom shelf it was fancy linen time and all of a sudden the tears started to flow. I got stories of traders in India (where she was born and raised and lived till 1947) and how they spread all their goods out on the lawn for the ladies to peruse and how her Mother always bought something as she didn’t like to hurt their feelings. Beautiful embroidered tablecloths, crocheted cloths, white on white cloths, making me feel guilty with envy cloths.

I was putting them away when she asked me if I’d like to have them – so as I say it all started when my Aunt wanted her linen cupboard tidied up.

Of course this meant I then had to sort mine out at home…………………….. Which was a good thing because it made me reassess storage and institute some changes here.

We only have one double bed in the house – the other is queen size – so the double linen is now in a drawer in that particular bedroom

The tea cloths were sorted and some given new jobs as I also came home with a dozen brand new never been used linen ones bought as souvenirs over the years. I left them in the same spot in the cupboard as they need room plus there is no drawer available in kitchen

Face washers/flannels are now in a drawer in the bathroom and not stored with the towels and folding towels in a different manner has also given me more space, which means I can see what I’m looking for – not always possible before:(

I took the spare single doonas off the floor of the cupboard and put them in clear storage bags on the very top shelf as these only get used if the grandchildren want to curl up on the floor in the winter – I want to hold on to them as they belonged to their parents, are in very good condition and still have years of use ahead of them.

All the new tablecloths and other pieces went into a chest of drawers in the spare bedroom. That’s where I keep all my table linen now so there was no problem there.

A little while ago I made a couple of other changes to a more personal routine and these have really worked out well.

Unfortunately I have to take some medication each day and these tablets used to be kept in a cabinet on the wall in the bathroom and (hangs her head in shame) would often be forgotten.

Now my morning tablets are on the bedside table and taken when I wake. I don’t worry about them being visible as the grandchildren who come to the house are all old enough not to touch the packets. The bedtimes one is kept in a drawer in the bathroom, the same one as where I keep my toothbrush and paste so now I see them when I go to clean my teeth.

Oh wouldn’t it be great if all changes came as easily and worked out as well as these few have:))


  1. Hi Cathy,
    My you have been busy.
    Sounds like you are a Loving,wonderful caretaker for your Aunt:o)
    So sweet of you:o)
    Have a great wk.

  2. Well after reading about all of your organising cathy..it has me thinking that I should now reorganise my cupboards. :-) So thank you. hehe

  3. You have been very productive and I know it's a good feeling to get little jobs like this done. It's so very special that your aunt gave you the beautiful linens. I know they will be special to you over the years.


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