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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why do we have to age

These are some photos of my Aunt taken this time of the year 3 years ago. It was at our family Christmas get together and she is with some of my grandchildren ( her Great Great nieces and nephews) and one of my Sons in Law. See what a stylish young thinking 81 year old she was.
It has broken my heart to see her decline with the onset of Alzheimers Disease - the change in looks and personality are so hard for us to cope with and for her it is horrendous. She knows things are not as they should be and when she is thinking clearly she will talk about having seen what the disease did to a dear friend of hers and how it preys on her mind. This episode of the broken arm and having 2 weeks in hospital followed by 3 weeks respite care has not helped and we feel she will take a while to settle back into her previous way of life now she is home again.
This is a horrible disease that is not curable but is 'managed' - hopeful scientists will find a means of prevention in the future. Keep your mind active is the standard thought at the moment, taking Omega 3 fish oil or Ginko Biloba is another.
I am not a blood relative - she was married to my Uncle, my Mother's brother. Dementia has not been evident in my family history but they are now saying Alzhemiers Disease is the most common form of dementia in people over 65 (guess who turned 65 last birthday) and the second most common form is Vascular Dementia (guess who's family history is filled with raised blood pressure and heart disease eventuating in the inevitable coronaries and strokes)
Didn't realise when the picture of the grandchildren was enlarged it wasn't suitable for showing on the internet. (One of the girls underclothes was showing)


  1. What beautiful photos of her...how lucky you are to have her in your life. I have no older relatives and I regret that my children don't have that in their lives.

  2. Hi,
    My heart goes out to you and your Family.Both my parents had Alz. I had the honor of caretaking both of them. Alz. is wicked.I hope they find a cure soon!Its like 2 deaths the mind dies ,yrs. later the body dies.
    Bless you and your Family,

  3. Cathy, Your aunt is a very lovely woman. Hopefully with medication the doctors will be able to aid her with many of the problems Alz. creates. My MIL also has this disease and it has been so hard for not only us but her too. Try to take it one day at a time and find goodness in the small things. Blessings to you all.

  4. Alz is a ugly disease. My step-mom has had it for years. When they came Christmas she won't know whose house it is or possibly who we are. She may or may not be agitated all day, wanting to go home, but thinking she is home. It's sad. I feel for my dad, he cared for my mom who had ALS (Lou Gherigs disease)for several years before she died in 94. Now he is caring for someone else again.
    Like your Aunt when her mind is clear she will say things about losing your memory & getting old.
    She often breaks out into song (doesn't matter where she is) & sings "This world is not my own, I just a passing through" I believe she is ready to go home to Jesus.


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