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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Boxing Day in Australia is a public holiday - it is the day when we recuperate from the day before. Christmas Day for us was as we expected, quieter than other years but nice just the same.

As there wasn't as much recuperaton needed than in other years we (DH and I) had an easy morning then took a drive to one of our nearby resevoirs - Maroondah Dam. Click on the link and see what the park is like.
Lots of families there in the grounds having picnics and bbqs. We climbed the steps to the top of the dam wall and then walked down the other side.
I learned that because I gave up on the exercise during the year I have become very unfit and feeling this way today has made me realise I have to start all over again and do something about it.
Other hardy folks line up at department store doors at ungodly hours to be first in line for the sale items - others take it easy and watch to listen to the cricket test match. This year Australia plays India and it should be closely contested.

All in all for us a quiet peaceful day


  1. Hi,
    Hope you get a nice ,quite relaxing day!
    Blessins, Lib

  2. Have fun and don't get sunburn!

  3. What a beautiful park, makes me want to come to Victoria for a vacation.
    Happy New Year!


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