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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The bit in the middle

I have always liked this week between Christmas and New Year.

Because its summer here they are what I call lazy days, days when I don’t get caught up in anything stressful.

Calming down days after the Christmas festivities and all that.

What I do depends a lot on the weather. Gardening sometimes has to take a back seat cose if the weather’s too hot I do some clearing out – too wet I might do some baking.

Most of the time I sit and read and do very little. As I say these are days to rest and recuperate and contemplate what’s been and what's coming ahead.

Little things have pleased me this year, like after years of not growing any we have eaten home grown vegetables this summer. And how we finally had some rain - not enough - but it eased the pain for some of the farming community.

Seeing one grandchild start high school and thinking about how quickly the years have gone since the day I nursed her straight after her birth.

Thinking of the new people I met during the World Swimming championships, the craft items I finally finished, of aging and how it has affected family members, of the travel we did and grandchildren we don't see regularly.

Watching with pride DH march in Adelaide's Anzac Day Parade.

This group of ex Englishmen enlisted in the boys service of the Royal Air Force at about the age of 15 and for 18 months they had schooling as well as trade training. At 18 they then moved up and became regular airmen with most of them serving a minimum of 12 years in the men’s service.

Most of these men are in their 60s and 70s and haven’t been ‘on parade’ for quite a lot of years yet see how well they march and keep time. After the March they laugh over a beer and say ‘after all that initial square bashing they went through there’s no way they would forget.’

Most of them would have seen active service in one conflict or another and there is a comaderie amongst them that others in civilian life don’t understand.

Anyway back to the present. Just ike the past few days its going to be HOT (41c/about 105f) so I don't plan on doing much. Sit in the shade on the back deck with a book sounds like a good idea :))

New Year is just around the corner, hopefully our life will be peaceful and happy. Happy New Year to you all.

See you in 2008


  1. Hi Cathy,

    I know it is now New Years Day down under so just wanted to wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Wow it is hot there. We have cool front blowing in tonight. I get a couple AU craft magazines. I think of you when I read them. I really enjoy my AU magazines.
    Have a Happy New years.


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