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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Todays mystery

How do find the reel of cotton that was in your hands just the other day?

No you don’t go and buy another one – well at least not just yet.

First you wander round the house muttering about how could it grow legs when you were sure you put down in the sewing basket.

Then you clear / sort out all the bits and pieces in every corner and every other thing capable of collecting bits and pieces. No cotton reel but lots of things going back to the places they usually live.

Then you check the old sewing machine – called the old one because last week when it finally gave up the ghost and wouldn’t even go and was rendered useless – it then gained the company of a new much much younger version courtesy of the sale the Janome shop was having. No cotton reel there either.

So after much wandering and clearing and finding things lost you decide maybe you’ll just nip up the supermarket and get a new reel. Grandma in Belfast would’ve a fit if she knew shops were open a Sunday but I just say thanks goodness for 7 day trading.

THEN you get home and drop something on the bedroom floor. What do find when you look under the bed.

The reel of white cotton – plus several other things and an awful lot of dust.

Jen - if you are reading this I promise your apron will be in the post SOON

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cathy.... I am putting your apron in the post tomorrow (Wed) I so hope you like it.
    Lucky you getting a new sewing machine, I wish our Janome shop was having a sale :-) Enjoy!!


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