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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Times - they are a changing

Well after my pity party recently I really took a long hard look at myself and life in general and decided I just had to take things as they come.

Haven't had time to blog as I've had some really busy days and on top of all that my elderly very independent but senile (85year old ) aunt who won't go into a shared care place was feeding some local ponies over a fence and what I call a proper horse came over and nudged her. They have a longer face and neck and seem to be stronger (sorry for my description - even tho one son has horses (racing kind) I never know how to describe them) so she stumbled and was pushed backwards ending up with a trip to hospital with a broken arm.

That was a week ago and because of her age and frail state has been there ever since. Which means I've been up and down the road every day since. She won't be going home straight away but will go into some sort of convalesce care possibly tommorrow which will help to get her back on her feet again and able to cope with one hand.

This is a funny time of the year in Melbourne, often the weather is very changeable, if you asked me the other day I would have said summer had just begun - well thats what it semed like the other day! We've had several very very hot days that sent me indoors and reaching for the air con switch.

Recently DH and I thought that even tho they aren't that bad we'd try and economise on some of the energy bills next year ( thinking of another overseas trip later in 2008 so will need any cents we can save) but temps in the high 30's, humidity and strong northerlies are not my idea of fun and like the food situation all the good intentions went out the door.

Don't laugh but after thinking I was finally going to expire on Tuesday evening the cool change came through yesterday and it poured nearly all day and I went shopping in jeans and a long sleeved top and even thought of turning the heating on last night. I washed the big wool blanket on Monday and packed it up not thinking it would be needed again. Had to close the windows during the night and was rummaging in the cupboard for something to put over the bottom of the bed as my feet were frozen :)

Its cool again today, the garden is revelling after all the rain - its far too early for to have those high temps - they usually turn up in the New Year. But as I say this is Melbourne, that could mean 4 seasons in one day sometimes :)

I have most of the pressies wrapped and ready to go in the post or under the tree. No toys as such this year, lots of books and I gave in and found some of the 'games' the grandchildren are all interested in.

ipods, xboxes, DVDs, CDs,PS2s, DSs,PPSs, and now Wiis - sounds like double dutch and code names to me - well not really some of them are fun, but why do they have funny looks on their faces when I talk about cassette tapes, LPs, EPs, singles or 45s and if we mention 78s it really puts a weird look on their faces. Generation gaps are fun aren't they.

The other day I was teaching some of the girls how to play what I called five stones, also known as knuckles from using small bones shaped like knuckles and also jacks but you use a small ball with that game. They had never heard of the game and thought I was really past it when I tried to explain that you would have more luck not throwing the stones high in the air but to keep them down close to your hand. It came about because I was clearing an area of the garen where there were some small pebbles and hey presto my mind went back nearly 60 years to a game I played at school. Look at the links and see if you recognise the game.

I belong to several groups and over the next few weeks we will have our end of year functions where we bring a plate and a small gift. I laugh everytime I get asked to bring a plate as its not an expression I'd ever heard before coming here.

Shared meal, pot luck, casserole lunch - thats what I'd been used to - so you can guess what happened the first time I saw that on the invitation - yes one plate for each of goes to the BBQ.


I thought it was 'cose they were short of crockery so thats what we took, crockery and also cutlery in case there weren't enough knives and forks to go round:))

For those gifts this year I've been busy using up some of my stash of beads making tree ornaments and also some of the book marks similar to the ones I made last year to take overseas as gifts .

Some are called book thongs and are like a lace with beads at each end and just goes between the pages to mark the spot with the beaded bits hanging down at each end of the book.

The other sort I've made are my own creation - meaning I've never seen them in books or on the web - using stretchy beading thread they are joined like a bracelet but don't have beads all the way round,

Hard to describe but it goes over and round the pages like the wrist does with a bracelet, the beads are along the front cover of the book. I have seen some actually attached to books at the covers (means you have to make a hole in the cover and attach them) but these are seperate and can be used over and over again. Unfortunately the camera has gone on the blink so I can't show you what I mean.

Must go now, thanks to those who popped in and left comments. Nice to see you all - I promise I'll not down the despair path again. Thanks for tip Lynette, I'll look in on your friend and see what she has to say.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. That was nice of Lynette to direct you there. I am sorry to hear about your aunt but hope she will be feeling well again soon. I enjoyed reading about your beading projects. The one that is made with beading elastic like a breacelet sounds pretty and practical.

  2. Thanks for popping in Cathy. Fun to hear the games you are teaching the grandkids. J & I played a old board game called Carroms last week while listen to broadway tunes on the radio. Yep turned the old T.V. off. Played Zilch with my folks yesterday after dinner.

    I am tickled you met my dear friend Theresa. Your blog is quite delightful.

    Take care today.

  3. Another nice post.:o)
    Seems so many things are becoming a thing of the past huh? Soe saddens me as I hink I;m showing y age.lol
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Blessins', Lib

  4. Cathy, your stretchy book marks are pure genious! I would love to see a picture. Are they available for sale at all? Sounds like just what I need because I am FOREVER loosing my place, in my book, when the book mark slips out.

    I hope your aunt recovers well from her fall, my mother-in-law is 87 and now in nursing care so I understand how difficult it can be to make sure of proper care (especially when they are not willing).

    Have a beautiful day!



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