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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hello again

Hello again,

I have finally found a moment to sit down without being interrupted. So many times over the past week I’ve found things to blog about, something has happened and the moment has passed and the thought forgotten. Thank you to all the visitors this past few weeks, I’ve noticed you dropping in but never seem to say thank you.

Remember that old saying – A stitch in time save nine.

I discovered how true that was the other day.

Do you know how much time is used up when the car has a puncture?

Most of a morning as I found out last week.

In a tearing hurry and all ready to go out, I stepped outside and discovered one tyre had a very large nail embedded in it and was flat as a pancake.

I can’t understand how they stay inflated while you are driving and then go flat whilst the car is standing still overnight? My luck that day DH had gone out for a walk (a long one he said as he went out the door) and there sitting on the side was his mobile phone. I contemplated calling the RACV but thought about how long they take to turn up and reasoned DH would be back in that time.

Now I’m strong but not that strong – meaning there was no way I could get the tyre off and the other one on. I emptied the boot and got the spare out ready for when he got home and guess what I found.

Yes you guessed right – that was even flatter than the other one. Words are going to be said to the mechanic next time it goes in for a service as he is supposed to check that for me. (Stitch in Time)

DH gets home and raises his eyebrows the way they do and huffed and puffed at the wheel nuts. He then looks me in the eye and says ‘put both tyres in my car and tootle off down to Bridgestone Tyres nearby, look at the man nicely and ask him if he could fix it for you – quickly’ Not my normal behaviour but I gave it a shot:)

Drove in and am trying to get one of the tyres out of the car when a lovely young mechanic comes over and says ‘Can I help you?’ I thanked him and let him take over, sat down in the waiting room with the morning paper and in no time at all was driving back up the road to home.

Had to cancel my morning out but I can always catch up another day. And even tho’ I had to wait till DH was ‘ready and in the mood’ to fit it back on I saved myself the agony of being embarrassed when the flat spare tyre was discovered by the RACV man.

Melbourne Cup Day here and its turning into quite a pleasant day. Cool this morning but is warming up so all the Ladies in their posh frocks and hats shouldn’t be too cold.

Now if it had been the big day on Saturday or Sunday it would have been a different story. We had some rain over the weekend, lots of rain. More rain than some places wanted with some areas of the state flooded.

We got loads in our area and my veggies seem to have grown inches overnight, they appear to be saying ‘Thank You very much we have enough to go on with at the moment’ but we only need a few warm days with northerlies and the soil will have dried out again.


  1. Good to see you're back, Cathy.
    I had a nail in my tyre the other day too, but fortunately it was a very slow leak so I had a couple of days to get it repaired. How frustrating for you.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    So good to see you back.I missed you.
    So sorry to hear of the tire problems.As the saying goes:"When It Rains ,It POURS!"
    Hope this week goes Great for you.

  3. Oh I hate having a flat tyre. I'm glad they sorted it out quickly for you. We take our tyres for granted until something goes wrong.

    Just looking back at your old posts. I smiled when I read the one about frugal ways and the sheets. I am finding myself doing lots of things that my parents did "in the good old days". ;-)


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