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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feeling low

I am overweight

I am 157 cms / 5’2” tall. This is not very tall.

I weigh 69kgs / 151lbs. This has been rising gradually over the past year.

My BMI measurement is 28.

Several web sites say that’s a healthy weight for an older adult -

I say Rubbish – I feel and I’m sure I look like a little pork pie. Fat round the middle and very bloated. Nothing fits me. I am ashamed to say I have a waist measurement of about 100cms / about 39”.

All that talk for the past few months about getting myself back into exercise mode has come to nothing. I’d psych myself up and be full of good intentions and there’d be the occasional walk and maybe a visit to the gym but for some reason my heart hasn’t been in it. Because I have been wasting my monthly subscription to the Leisure Centre I have cancelled it.

Not making any excuses but it seems this lack of enthusiasm has been more obvious since I was diagnosed with hypo – thyroidism. With my thyroid gland not functioning to best of its ability I have had to take Thyroxin (as do thousands of other people mainly older women) and yet the weight has still piled on.

So what am I going to do about it??

Maybe behave sensibly and not think it nice to have ‘sweet’ things in the house for company when they drop in would be a start.

Walking and Water go hand in hand also. The better weather will be a help where those two are concerned.

Thinking out loud doesn’t seem to make it any easier either lol


  1. When you find the magic wt. loss program ,please let me know.LOL
    I struggle too ,I am tall but thats really no excuse. lol
    Good luck with whatever plan you find.

  2. Cathy, I hear you! I am having a dreadful struggle with my weight this year. Maybe the planets aren't aligned properly! (Maybe it's just not my year).

  3. Hope your week's been ok. Melbourne was pretty hot yesterday I believe though you're due for a cooler one today. We're just hot still. Ugh.

  4. Yes I think it must be that the planets are not aligned properly!
    My friend Theresa (go to my blog & click on Stitches of grace)has been putting Wednesday Wellness tips on each week. I found them very informative.

    Weather is turning cold & icy here.
    Last night was very cold,frost outside. I had 4 blankets on the bed. We try not to run the heat at night. But that is getting hard to do with getting older & have arthitis.

    Celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday.

    Have a great day!

  5. It is not uncommon with hypothyroidism to feel sluggish and also to experience some depression. My husband has Graves' Disease which is the opposite, but they radioactively burnt his thyroid so now he also has to take Thyroid replacement and we are finding that it takes a long time to fine tune things and it has been a year and he doesn't feel quite normal yet. It is also more difficult for him to keep his weight down, even though all his life he used to be a bean pole! Walking is good overall exercise and I encourage that. For me, it always takes me awhile to get interested in exercising, but then once I start, I start to enjoy it and wonder what took me so long! :o)


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