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Friday, November 9, 2007


Its funny how some things change and others stay the same.

This evening I’ve been thinking about some of the roads here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I like living out east and even tho’ I have buses and trains available almost on my doorstep I like the freedom of driving. We are a big city and often its impractical to take public transport to where I want to go.

Last Monday DH and I took a drive to Ikea, which is on Victoria Street in Richmond near the old Skipping girl sign. We decided to go into Box Hill, take Mont Albert Road and then Barkers Road, which is the way we would have driven to the city many years ago before the Eastern Freeway opened. Of course the other alternative would have been Whitehorse Road, trouble with that is you run the risk of catching every traffic light all the way to Kew Junction.

I really had forgotten what a pleasant road Mont Albert Road is. Lined with huge trees that have that visual effect of meeting in the middle of road, flanked on either side with huge houses and so many private schools it is the epitome of wealth in the leafy green eastern suburbs. From memory there are only 2 sets of traffic lights along the way from Elgar Road to Burke Road and even tho its 60kph we seemed to move along at a splendid pace and were there in no time at all.

Today I had to drive to Ringwood along Mt Dandenong Road and met up with all the road works where Mt Dandy Road and Maroondah Hwy meet. Across the intersection is the start of the Ringwood Bypass which goes round the back of Eastland to Ringwood Street.

Well I haven’t been there for a while and was surprised to see amidst all the road works at the end of this road another one stretching ahead. This is where the start of Eastern Freeway will be now its been extended from Springvale Road to Ringwood and it is such a shame and quite confronting to see the concrete and bitumen so close to houses in that area - but will I think about that when it opens next year and we won’t have to drive all the way to Mitcham along that dreaded traffic light infested Whitehorse Road to get to the ‘quick’ road to the city.

Edited: I didn't copy/ paste the last sentence

Don't get me wrong, I walk to local shops and do use the public transport. Seniors here are able to get a ticket lasting 24hrs for $3.10 and travel on all trams trains and buses which is fantastic value but there are times when the car is a necessity.

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  1. Progress hey?! We whinge and complain about how long it takes to get from A to B. We don't seem to realise the sacrifices we make to enable it to happen. I've seen similar suburbs lose their identity in Adelaide and Sydney, all so we can travel faster.

    It's nice to travel on the back roads from time to time and remember life at a slower pace. We did just that very thing this afternoon in our town (pop. 38000) and discovered many Federation homes full of character. Long may they stay that way.


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