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Friday, October 5, 2007

Short and sweet this evening

Its been a busy 2 weeks - so haven't been on the computer much. Lots of 'things' took precedence over blogging and as we are going interstate on Sunday morning I think this will be it for a couple of weeks or more.

I have just got in from meeting up with some of the children for a little birthday get together at a pub close by. I'll be in Adelaide next week and won't get to see them on my special day so we had a meal at Daisey's in Ringwood.

I came home complete with my new project - a Can o Worms.

A while ago I happened to mention to one of the girls about seeing mice around the compost heap and that I didn't think I'd put any vegetable peelings out this summer as that may be the cause. That I was thinking of starting a worm farm to use all of that up and lo and behold thats what she carried into the Bistro lol And then with lots of smailes one of the boys gave me a gift voucher for Bunnings so I'll be able to get my first lot of worms when we get back into town in a couple of weeks.

Rhonda at Down to Earth had a good post recently about starting a worm farm so I'll be spending some time reading it when we get home.

After we leave Adelaide we are going to take another week and drive home via the Riverland and spend some time in Mildura - up on the big River Murray.

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  1. Have a lovely trip.

    I met a couple on my Hawaii trip who is from Austriala at least he was. They are there this week visiting, but forgot to ask where. They live in England now.


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