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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not a happy chappy - sort of

Well the Netball team lost, good game but the better team on the day won. So its on to the other attraction in Melbourne during the month of September.

AFL (Australian Football League) football used to be called VFL (Victorian Football League) 'cose this where this code began but as other teams in other states joined the league it is was changed AFL
Commonly called Aussie Rules it was a game we'd never come across before we arrived in Australia in 1972 but it was a game all the family took to quickly. It definitely is a contact sport and I don't profess even after all this time to know the rules but can see some fouls and other things that aren't supposed to happen. Taking a mark (jumping high to grab the ball) is a skill some players achieve with ease and others just don't too well at.
The finals of this code for season 2007 are in progress now and for the next few weeks Melbourne will be alive with what they call Footy Fever.

Now as Catherine asked in a comment last week I never mentioned AFL Footy - well its a long story but I'll just say that with 5 adult children all barracking for different teams and lots of grandchildren all barracking for different teams sometimes Grandma keeps quiet about some things :))

We have supporters of Hawthorn, Essendon, Richmond, Sydney , North Melbourne (now known as the Kangaroos), Footscay (now known as Western Bulldogs) and Collingwood.

Unfortunately in our house over the years the game and team loyalties have been known to cause some friction between some of the diehard fans especially if they happen to be a Collingwood supporter and nobody else except one of said person's daughter is :(

Me - well as I mentioned I stayed clear of the weekend conflict, it was bad enough years ago when all the games were played on Saturday afternoons but now its Friday Saturday and Sunday and on occasions Monday. If I chose a team to follow I think it would be Port Adelaide, a new team on the block as they say. We lived in Adelaide for a few years and when we arrived only Adelaide Crows were in the league and then Port were admitted and oh the fuss that went on in the city and even out in the bush.

There is a certain rivalry between South Australia and Victoria so when the chardonney set at the Adelaide Football Club got their knickers in knot over Port joining I decided if I ever had to name a team that would be the one for me.

Besides the colours of their strip was really nice and their nickname is Port Power and it sounded good. And they are doing well in the finals so I may get the last laugh after all:)))

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  1. Hi Cathy, I can understand why you didn't want to mention AFL after all the conflict its caused over the years!! I grew up in South Australia so I know about the 'friendly' rivalry you talk about between Victoria and SA. I don't really follow anyone anymore, but husband follows Essendon. Still, I enjoy watching any Aussie Rules game I see on tv.


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