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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grey skies are gonna clear up

Have to tell you about 2 things that happened yesterday that haven't happened for a while.

One thing is that it rained - yes you heard me right.
The skys have been grey most of the day here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the ground is exceptionally wet.

We had rain for the best part of the evening yesterday. It also rained for the best part of the night, poured in fact and has also rained for most of today.

Now that makes me feel better.

I planted some green beans on Saturday and pottered around the garden most of Sunday so it is a great time for the rain to fall. It will help those plants settle in and give them a good start.

Had to run out first thing this morning and sprinkle the snail bait I forgot on Saturday. The wet weather will bring the little blighters out to see what's on offer at the deli in Cathy's garden and devour the seedlings in no time at all.

The other thing to happen is that I finally foound some oomph and motivation and went to a body pump class yesterday evening.

Yeah for me - it was so good to be in that room with 30 other people lifting those weights in time to the music.

I didn't realise how much I'd missed it until I got up this morning and found there were some muscles in my body feeling like they had really had a good workout. Its been a few weeks since I have done anything physical, not even walking, and I have no idea why I lost interest and sat on my bum.

The scales at the Leisure Centre told me the end result of all this laziness - I have gained quite a few kilos. This time last year I was almost at the goal weight the doctor set for me - since we returned from overseas I have put on 6 kilos - over 13lbs - nearly a stone and most of my clothes are letting me know as well.

So as of last evening I am off and running again, well walking to begin with :))

I have to start thinking again about the healthy lifestyle I aimed for last year. Up until we went overseas I was going great guns but since we got home last October I certainly have gone off the rails. Food and exercise don't seem to have the priority that they had before, my enthusiasm has not been the same even tho I tried hard at times and if I go on this way I'm going to have the GP giving me the rounds of the kitchen as well. I well remember his warning about the connection between waist measurement, BP going up and risk of heart disease and stroke. I also remember my father being fat round the middle, haveing very high BP and having several heart attacks and finally dying from a stroke. so its not a sif I haven't been warned.

Well now - after the cool change we are having at the moment goes we'll be back to the lovely spring weather we had these past few weeks and then summer will be arriving and I certainly don't have cash or the need to shop for new clothes 'cose if I sort myself out and go back to the active sensible eating lifestyle I was living I won't need to buy new ones as the ones in the wardrobe will fit me again.

Water bottles to the ready, am off to set the alarm for an early rise and a walk - even if it is in the rain.


  1. Cathy, it rained here yesterday and last night also. When it started raining, I ran and got my camera and walked out in the rain for a picture. You can't see the rain coming down, but you can tell my driveway is wet. The air smells so fresh this morning.
    I need to get motivated to walk as I have gained 20 lbs since I retired 11 years ago. I try to eat healthy and it seems I get a lot of exercise by mowing the yard and digging in the dirt, but I guess it isn't the same as walking. Maybe when the weather cools down that is all I will need to get myself going again. I surely hope so.

  2. Cathy,
    I have something for you, come to my blog and pick it up.
    I tried to leave a message for you a few times and it didn't go through.
    Have a Great Day.

  3. Good for you walking! I have started to walk after dropping J off at school & in the afternoon. He rides his bike, I walk.
    Weather is hot, but Fall is in the air, cool mornings & evenings. Trees turning color. Alot of canadian geese flying south.


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