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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Green Drought

The news at the moment is about what they are calling The Green Drought - the paddocks look green and promising as a result of the rains earlier in the year but there is no moisture underneath to sustain the crops to harvest time.

I have noticed the same thing in the garden here at home.

Grass is a fabulous green colour, roses are starting to shoot, early spring flowers are out

When I was digging around the other day it was really noticeable that below the surface the ground was dry and going hard. So if there is no more rain for a while we are in for a testing time.

Did a bit more tidying up down by the back fence today, dry and sunny again and just the right temperature to be working outside. I found a big bag of potting mix from last year in the shed so spread it over the spot I have in mind for some veggies, next job is to see what's in the nurseries that I can grow easily. Green Runner Beans are about $12 a kilo at the moment so maybe thats the one to start with. I'd describe the spot as long and thin so probably woud be good with a bit of trellis rigged up as support for them to climb.

I also planted a Blood Lily given to me yesterday by an old friend - have a look at the retail price and see why I gave her a big hug when she mentioned she had divided hers and would I like some. Hope it takes to its new spot.

Have to be out early tomorrow so I'm off now


  1. Hi Cathy, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. WOW! A comment from Australia! We ARE a few miles apart!
    Is it Springtime in Australia? You're speaking of preparing the ground for veggies. Here the summer is almost over and it has been the hottest summer on record. The whole month of August was in the upper 90's and two or three days were in the three digit range.
    I only read your first post, but I will read some more. You sound a lot like me....I love to dig in the dirt!
    Nice meeting you! Clara

  2. Hi,
    Spring time for you.My favorite season. I Love playing in the dirt.
    We are coming up on autumn ,I look forward to it .We had our hottest summer ever.
    Enjoy planting and spring's rebirth.:o)

  3. Hi Cathy, thanks for the 'congratulations'. I'm looking forward to learning about our new house's garden and perhaps finding a spot for veggies too. Unfortunately, I'm not the best of gardeners but have the best of intentions! My husband has been reminding me for years that 'plants need water'. I'll catch on one day!!!


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