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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finals time

Its that time of the year when the talk is all about Finals.

Winter sports are coming to an end and the 'top' teams are about to play off for the honour of winning the flag.

Like lots of girls and women all round Australia several of the grandaughters play what could be classed the Australian Women's favourite sport - Netball.

In most places the local Football and Netball teams are part of the establishment and in real country areas the life blood of the towns.

The aim is to pass a round ball similar in size to a basketball to each other up and down a court and score goals through a hoop that to me always seemed to be about 10 foot in the air.

Unlike basketball, players are not allowed to run with the ball, so once its in your possesion one foot has to stay on the ground as you move on and pass to someone else just hoping not to hear the whistle being blown and the words 'stepping' coming out of the umpires mouth.

Often it means you swivel around desperately try to fathom out whose hands in the sea of waving hands and moving bodies jockying for a position in front of you belong to your team.

Its also supposed to be a non contact sport - meaning you cant hang on to, push or shove any other player - try telling that to some of the ladies I've played against in years gone by tho :))

Played at its highest level its a joy to watch - The Australian Netball Team versus the New Zealand Team or even the Jamaicans are games to savour and enjoy.

Anyway - This past couple of Saturday mornings I have been up at the Netball courts very early to watch my budding athletes because their teams have qualified for the Finals.

Now remember this is a Winter sport and its a very enthusiastic family - 'cose for some there could be more than 1 girl playing - that braves outside Netball courts at that time of the morning and I have to admit that even tho' I love them very much and want to see them progress and (kill the opposition - did I say that :)) I don't go to watch every week but maybe every 3.

Because of the amount of girls that play on Saturdays during the season the games begin at ungodly hours like 8.45am and go on right through the afternoons so like the weekly games the finals are spread out over the day according to age grouping which has mean't we have been there from early morning until lunchtime and then its been home for soup and sandwiches and to give lots of cuddles and hugs to the ones who have been eliminated.

The Grand Finals in Mooroolbark are on this Saturday and there is one team left in for us to go and cheer for.

This game isn't till 12.45 lunchtime so I'll be able to get to the gym first and then go and holler like any good supporter for the SPJ Under 15 Netball team!!

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  1. Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by at my blog! Reading this post on netball brought memories flooding back...of the years at school I was never picked for the team as I was too short...so I played hockey! LOL!

    Have a good day...not so bright here!



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