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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All better now

Well I'm not sure what the name of the bug was that I've had but I really am glad its left my body now.

I've been feeling a bit 'Poorly' over the past week or so and couldn't raise the energy to sit here and tell you so and as we were told as children that 'Coughs and sneezes spread diseases' I stayed away from others and suffered in silence at home. Some days I did a bit of web surfing, read a few blogs but didn't comment on any.

It was a good job DH was fit and I didn't pass it on to him as we had arranged for a couple of the granddaughters to stay this weekend past as well as look after another one yesterday.

One set of parents were out of town for the weekend and weren't getting home till late Sunday and as school holidays started here in Victoria last Friday those girls stayed till yesterday (Monday) evening as both Mum and Dad weren't getting home from work till late.

The other little one has parents who both work fiull time and to break the monotony of going to vacation care each day of the week we agree to look after her for one day each week of the break.

Funny how it wasn't till it was all arranged I realised it mean't I'd have the 3 girls in the house for the whole day. For me thats a worry as even tho they all 'love' each other and usually get on well together I still believe that old saying. You know the one that goes: Two's company - three's a crowd.

One of these girls can be bossy and I often have to sort differences of opinion out when she's with some of her cousins.

Thankfully by Friday I was feeling lots better and we had a good time with them all.

We went to the swimming pool in the morning and had a meal out on Saturday night.

The weather man had made promises of a good day for Sunday and it turned out that way. It was a beautiful day and we drove into Melbourne and down to Elwood beach.
The fresh air and sunshine gave me a new lease of life and it was fun walking along the sands looking for shells and other things. I found lots of green sea glass to add to my collection.

It was quite windy and the tide was on the turn and there was the occasional wave that came in a bit further than the others which mean't lots of squealing but Grandad was making noises about not wanting wet clothing in the car so even tho' it was sunny I drew the line at paddling.

Yesterday I drove the 3 of them up to the top of Mt Dandenong to the maze.

School hols often means free entertainment and there was a man up there called (click on his name) Didgeman and here also who was talking about playing the didgerdoo and teaching children how to go about it. It was hit with the girls and all the other kids there.

Got them home in time to go to a session at the local cinema. We saw Hairspray which they loved for the music and the young actors and dancers but the the actual 'meaning' of the movie went right over their head.

So last night after taking 2 to the other side of the city in peak hour traffic - via the Westgate Bridge route - DH driving so his choice (thought it would be nice for them to look back at the city in the twilight) and then droppping the other one off at her home five minutes from us (DH thought she'd like to take her cousins home with us) I was pleased to get home and pout the kettle on.

My cup of tea tasted so good and it was so quiet in the house and and I went to bed early and thought about being retired and not having to be responsible for anyone and anything............................'cept for DH - but he's a big boy and can make his own cup of tea lol

Normal programmes will resume in a few days time :)


  1. Hi,
    Glad you're feeling better.
    Glad to see your back.I missed you.

  2. Glad you are better just in time for Spring (right)?
    We are having some lovely fall weather.


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