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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All better now

Well I'm not sure what the name of the bug was that I've had but I really am glad its left my body now.

I've been feeling a bit 'Poorly' over the past week or so and couldn't raise the energy to sit here and tell you so and as we were told as children that 'Coughs and sneezes spread diseases' I stayed away from others and suffered in silence at home. Some days I did a bit of web surfing, read a few blogs but didn't comment on any.

It was a good job DH was fit and I didn't pass it on to him as we had arranged for a couple of the granddaughters to stay this weekend past as well as look after another one yesterday.

One set of parents were out of town for the weekend and weren't getting home till late Sunday and as school holidays started here in Victoria last Friday those girls stayed till yesterday (Monday) evening as both Mum and Dad weren't getting home from work till late.

The other little one has parents who both work fiull time and to break the monotony of going to vacation care each day of the week we agree to look after her for one day each week of the break.

Funny how it wasn't till it was all arranged I realised it mean't I'd have the 3 girls in the house for the whole day. For me thats a worry as even tho they all 'love' each other and usually get on well together I still believe that old saying. You know the one that goes: Two's company - three's a crowd.

One of these girls can be bossy and I often have to sort differences of opinion out when she's with some of her cousins.

Thankfully by Friday I was feeling lots better and we had a good time with them all.

We went to the swimming pool in the morning and had a meal out on Saturday night.

The weather man had made promises of a good day for Sunday and it turned out that way. It was a beautiful day and we drove into Melbourne and down to Elwood beach.
The fresh air and sunshine gave me a new lease of life and it was fun walking along the sands looking for shells and other things. I found lots of green sea glass to add to my collection.

It was quite windy and the tide was on the turn and there was the occasional wave that came in a bit further than the others which mean't lots of squealing but Grandad was making noises about not wanting wet clothing in the car so even tho' it was sunny I drew the line at paddling.

Yesterday I drove the 3 of them up to the top of Mt Dandenong to the maze.

School hols often means free entertainment and there was a man up there called (click on his name) Didgeman and here also who was talking about playing the didgerdoo and teaching children how to go about it. It was hit with the girls and all the other kids there.

Got them home in time to go to a session at the local cinema. We saw Hairspray which they loved for the music and the young actors and dancers but the the actual 'meaning' of the movie went right over their head.

So last night after taking 2 to the other side of the city in peak hour traffic - via the Westgate Bridge route - DH driving so his choice (thought it would be nice for them to look back at the city in the twilight) and then droppping the other one off at her home five minutes from us (DH thought she'd like to take her cousins home with us) I was pleased to get home and pout the kettle on.

My cup of tea tasted so good and it was so quiet in the house and and I went to bed early and thought about being retired and not having to be responsible for anyone and anything............................'cept for DH - but he's a big boy and can make his own cup of tea lol

Normal programmes will resume in a few days time :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Past frugal ways

Making the bed up fresh yesterday I remembered something that happened the other day.

Like lots of women when we get together we chat about putting the world to right then go on to talk about trivial things; so last Friday when some friends and I were chattering one laughed about taking 2 flat sheets from the cupboard instead of 1 flat and 1 fitted.

We then spoke about when there were only flat sheets; a fitted bottom sheet was a luxury or something you fiddled around with trying to make for yourself from your flat ones. Of course they now are a way of life, no more trying to do neat hospital corners and not have it all fall out as you pushed it under the mattress along the sides.

Not sure if it was laziness on her part or we didn’t have that many sheets but in my house Mum only changed the bottom one, putting the top one on the bottom making sure the part that had been a the top was also at the top and not down the bottom of the bed. Even tho it was underneath you on the bottom with pillows on top of it you didn’t want the cheesy feet part near you face for the next week. :)

Then when they started to wear thin in the middle the sheets were given a new lease on life by being sewn sides to middle so there were almost like new pieces in the middle but if they were sewn on a machine that wasn’t crash hot (like my mothers was) there was also a big ridge down the middle meaning you slept on one side or the other but never directly in the middle of the bed.

Over this past weekend I wanted something to tie up a plant so tore a strip off some old sheeting we have in the garage. Remembering which daughter used to have it on her bed made me think about how old it actually was and noticed it had been sewn ‘sides to the middle’.

So it looks like my Mum passed down to me her frugal habits or was it that we (DH and I) were really hard up when the kids were little and somehow or another I had to make things last a lot longer?

Any thoughts from anyone

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grey skies are gonna clear up

Have to tell you about 2 things that happened yesterday that haven't happened for a while.

One thing is that it rained - yes you heard me right.
The skys have been grey most of the day here in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the ground is exceptionally wet.

We had rain for the best part of the evening yesterday. It also rained for the best part of the night, poured in fact and has also rained for most of today.

Now that makes me feel better.

I planted some green beans on Saturday and pottered around the garden most of Sunday so it is a great time for the rain to fall. It will help those plants settle in and give them a good start.

Had to run out first thing this morning and sprinkle the snail bait I forgot on Saturday. The wet weather will bring the little blighters out to see what's on offer at the deli in Cathy's garden and devour the seedlings in no time at all.

The other thing to happen is that I finally foound some oomph and motivation and went to a body pump class yesterday evening.

Yeah for me - it was so good to be in that room with 30 other people lifting those weights in time to the music.

I didn't realise how much I'd missed it until I got up this morning and found there were some muscles in my body feeling like they had really had a good workout. Its been a few weeks since I have done anything physical, not even walking, and I have no idea why I lost interest and sat on my bum.

The scales at the Leisure Centre told me the end result of all this laziness - I have gained quite a few kilos. This time last year I was almost at the goal weight the doctor set for me - since we returned from overseas I have put on 6 kilos - over 13lbs - nearly a stone and most of my clothes are letting me know as well.

So as of last evening I am off and running again, well walking to begin with :))

I have to start thinking again about the healthy lifestyle I aimed for last year. Up until we went overseas I was going great guns but since we got home last October I certainly have gone off the rails. Food and exercise don't seem to have the priority that they had before, my enthusiasm has not been the same even tho I tried hard at times and if I go on this way I'm going to have the GP giving me the rounds of the kitchen as well. I well remember his warning about the connection between waist measurement, BP going up and risk of heart disease and stroke. I also remember my father being fat round the middle, haveing very high BP and having several heart attacks and finally dying from a stroke. so its not a sif I haven't been warned.

Well now - after the cool change we are having at the moment goes we'll be back to the lovely spring weather we had these past few weeks and then summer will be arriving and I certainly don't have cash or the need to shop for new clothes 'cose if I sort myself out and go back to the active sensible eating lifestyle I was living I won't need to buy new ones as the ones in the wardrobe will fit me again.

Water bottles to the ready, am off to set the alarm for an early rise and a walk - even if it is in the rain.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not a happy chappy - sort of

Well the Netball team lost, good game but the better team on the day won. So its on to the other attraction in Melbourne during the month of September.

AFL (Australian Football League) football used to be called VFL (Victorian Football League) 'cose this where this code began but as other teams in other states joined the league it is was changed AFL
Commonly called Aussie Rules it was a game we'd never come across before we arrived in Australia in 1972 but it was a game all the family took to quickly. It definitely is a contact sport and I don't profess even after all this time to know the rules but can see some fouls and other things that aren't supposed to happen. Taking a mark (jumping high to grab the ball) is a skill some players achieve with ease and others just don't too well at.
The finals of this code for season 2007 are in progress now and for the next few weeks Melbourne will be alive with what they call Footy Fever.

Now as Catherine asked in a comment last week I never mentioned AFL Footy - well its a long story but I'll just say that with 5 adult children all barracking for different teams and lots of grandchildren all barracking for different teams sometimes Grandma keeps quiet about some things :))

We have supporters of Hawthorn, Essendon, Richmond, Sydney , North Melbourne (now known as the Kangaroos), Footscay (now known as Western Bulldogs) and Collingwood.

Unfortunately in our house over the years the game and team loyalties have been known to cause some friction between some of the diehard fans especially if they happen to be a Collingwood supporter and nobody else except one of said person's daughter is :(

Me - well as I mentioned I stayed clear of the weekend conflict, it was bad enough years ago when all the games were played on Saturday afternoons but now its Friday Saturday and Sunday and on occasions Monday. If I chose a team to follow I think it would be Port Adelaide, a new team on the block as they say. We lived in Adelaide for a few years and when we arrived only Adelaide Crows were in the league and then Port were admitted and oh the fuss that went on in the city and even out in the bush.

There is a certain rivalry between South Australia and Victoria so when the chardonney set at the Adelaide Football Club got their knickers in knot over Port joining I decided if I ever had to name a team that would be the one for me.

Besides the colours of their strip was really nice and their nickname is Port Power and it sounded good. And they are doing well in the finals so I may get the last laugh after all:)))

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Green Drought

The news at the moment is about what they are calling The Green Drought - the paddocks look green and promising as a result of the rains earlier in the year but there is no moisture underneath to sustain the crops to harvest time.

I have noticed the same thing in the garden here at home.

Grass is a fabulous green colour, roses are starting to shoot, early spring flowers are out

When I was digging around the other day it was really noticeable that below the surface the ground was dry and going hard. So if there is no more rain for a while we are in for a testing time.

Did a bit more tidying up down by the back fence today, dry and sunny again and just the right temperature to be working outside. I found a big bag of potting mix from last year in the shed so spread it over the spot I have in mind for some veggies, next job is to see what's in the nurseries that I can grow easily. Green Runner Beans are about $12 a kilo at the moment so maybe thats the one to start with. I'd describe the spot as long and thin so probably woud be good with a bit of trellis rigged up as support for them to climb.

I also planted a Blood Lily given to me yesterday by an old friend - have a look at the retail price and see why I gave her a big hug when she mentioned she had divided hers and would I like some. Hope it takes to its new spot.

Have to be out early tomorrow so I'm off now

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Broken Link

Looks like my link didn't work


Finals time

Its that time of the year when the talk is all about Finals.

Winter sports are coming to an end and the 'top' teams are about to play off for the honour of winning the flag.

Like lots of girls and women all round Australia several of the grandaughters play what could be classed the Australian Women's favourite sport - Netball.

In most places the local Football and Netball teams are part of the establishment and in real country areas the life blood of the towns.

The aim is to pass a round ball similar in size to a basketball to each other up and down a court and score goals through a hoop that to me always seemed to be about 10 foot in the air.

Unlike basketball, players are not allowed to run with the ball, so once its in your possesion one foot has to stay on the ground as you move on and pass to someone else just hoping not to hear the whistle being blown and the words 'stepping' coming out of the umpires mouth.

Often it means you swivel around desperately try to fathom out whose hands in the sea of waving hands and moving bodies jockying for a position in front of you belong to your team.

Its also supposed to be a non contact sport - meaning you cant hang on to, push or shove any other player - try telling that to some of the ladies I've played against in years gone by tho :))

Played at its highest level its a joy to watch - The Australian Netball Team versus the New Zealand Team or even the Jamaicans are games to savour and enjoy.

Anyway - This past couple of Saturday mornings I have been up at the Netball courts very early to watch my budding athletes because their teams have qualified for the Finals.

Now remember this is a Winter sport and its a very enthusiastic family - 'cose for some there could be more than 1 girl playing - that braves outside Netball courts at that time of the morning and I have to admit that even tho' I love them very much and want to see them progress and (kill the opposition - did I say that :)) I don't go to watch every week but maybe every 3.

Because of the amount of girls that play on Saturdays during the season the games begin at ungodly hours like 8.45am and go on right through the afternoons so like the weekly games the finals are spread out over the day according to age grouping which has mean't we have been there from early morning until lunchtime and then its been home for soup and sandwiches and to give lots of cuddles and hugs to the ones who have been eliminated.

The Grand Finals in Mooroolbark are on this Saturday and there is one team left in for us to go and cheer for.

This game isn't till 12.45 lunchtime so I'll be able to get to the gym first and then go and holler like any good supporter for the SPJ Under 15 Netball team!!