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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Melbourne Sky in August

We are going to have an eclipse of the moon towards the end of the month - look here (Melbourne Planetarium site) scroll down the page a bit and there is all the info.

Something unusual to look forward to so I will have to mark the calendar but I'm sure it will be in the papers and on the news.

Look further down and you'll see the sunrise and sunset times - it becoming really noticable that the days are lengthening and when they are sunny and dry its a pleasure to be outside.

It been a lovely day today so I managed to get some more gardening done, went to the Big Green Barn (Bunnings) for some more cow manure and taking them out of the car managed to catch one of the bags on the window handle.

Well its smells quite 'country' in there at the moment, took ages to vacuum it all up - thank goodness we have an ald one we use to clean the cars out. It would have meant a trip to a car wash place if I had ot use the one from inside - I may well have to do that anyway if the 'healthy' smell doesn't go away. :))

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