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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Helping Hands

Another dry day today so I have been emptying the last of my compost heap onto the garden. Kiera our brown Burmese follows me most places and she thought she'd check out the almost empty space - about the same time as Mr Magpie.

This area is tucked away down the side of the garage but close enough for me to get to when I need something.

That big blue drum is where I'm starting the next load - we haven't mown the grass for months so its been slow going. Theres been loads of leaves and weeds but because I saw some mice I've been wary of putting food scraps (peelings etc) there. The possums have been hungry so I've left fruit in another place for them. When we get more things to add I'll roll it over and spread it on the heap area and well go from there.

I've been turning a spot over and adding to the soil as this year I've decided to go back to growing Tomatoes in the ground instead of the big tubs I used this past couple of seasons. Even tho they need sunshine and warmth they didn't fare well as the tubs got really hot in the sun (I tried wrapping them in a wet sack but it didn't work as we were wasting water ) plus the fact it was impossible to keep up enough water to them.

Kiera wandered off so Mr Magpie came down onto land and looked off to see if anyone else was around

All clear so he set to looking for goodies in amongst what was left of the black gold on the ground.

You can see bigger photos by clicking to enlarge.

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