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Friday, August 24, 2007

All is forgiven

Days of moaning and groaning just showed me how reliant I have become on this machine :((

Yes we are back on line and the household is running as smooth as usual. This episode did prove to me I have a problem and made me see how much I had missed out on other things.

I did lots of knitting during the few evenings DH tried to fix the machine and I also read a new book; these two things were just ordinary run of the mill happenings a few years ago and unless I make a special effort I never get round to doing them. I used to say our new technology wouldn't make a difference to our household - oh was I wrong.

Anyway the book I read was by Jacquelyn Mitchard - Cage of Stars, and I haven't read anything that moved me so much for a very long time. Tears rolled down my face at times and I couldn't wait to get to the end.

A while ago I read another by her called The Deep End of the Ocean and that also was something I couldn't put down till I finished.

Will have to check the library for others.

Lovely day today, good gardening weather. Has been very cold overnight this week about 4-5c/40f but its been going up to 16-17c/60f and so I ghave managed to get a lot more done in the garden. Still no rain tho and none forecast either. Sounds like a broken record doesn't it.


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The book sounds like one I should check out at my next library trip. I've been reading mysteries, but also look for new material to read.

  2. BTW-in honor of my birthday, the temp. is going to be 104. Yuck!

  3. Thanks for visiting come back anytime.
    Enjoyed visiting you.


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