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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Winter hits hard

I mentioned the other day taking a granddaughter up to Mt Dandenong which is just a short drive from our place, in fact I took this picture of the view of the Dandenongs from the local footy oval last year.

Those 3 TV transmission masts are a well known landmark and no matter where we are if we see them we know we aren't far from home :)

This was the same place yesterday - yes it has been so cold here it actually snowed.
We get lots of sunshine and hot days in the summer and we have cool winters here but this is really out of the ordinary It really was exceptionally cold and turned out to be the coldest July day in Melbourne for 10 years. It didn't actually snow in my backyard (we had hail and sleet) but lots came down in other parts of the state with roads closed because of black ice and school cancelled today in those parts worst affected.
I didn't go far from home but stayed inside snug and warm, today has been cold with a some rain but I was very good and managed to get a quick walk in between the showers. Thats something I haven't managed to do for days as the rain has been so heavy and constant.
Found another news story - read here

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