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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Times they are a changing

The days seem to be getting longer, its still quite light at 6pm now and the past few days have been beautiful - almost Spring like - Sunny and dry and even quite warm. Well warm enough not to have the heating on during the day but we aren't going to fooled as the forecast is for cooler days for the rest of the week.

For the first time in weeks I've been out in the garden tidying up and planning what to do when the ground starts to warm up and DH even managed to cut the grass. I can now restart the compost heap - have lots of leaves from next doors Oak tree and now the grass clippings to mix in with them and some manure.

We don't have a posh lawn in the back just grass and it is so good to see it green again and not a khaki brown it went during the summer. These are some not too good photos taken at Christmas time showing how awful it looked

Some of the grandchildren enjoying a game of Backyard Cricket at our family BBQ and you can see how brown the grass looks.

This is all of the Melbourne grandchildren later that day pleasing me by sitting still long enough to have a photo taken :))

And of course we know things are changing all the time but things certainly changed here in Melbourne today.

Kevin Sheedy and The Bombers (also known as The Essendon Football Club) Aussie Rules that is, will be parting comapny at the end of this season - read all about it here.

They haven't been doing that well this year and after being in the position of coach for 27 years it really did look like his contract wouldn't be renewed so I don't think it came as a shock today when the anouncement was made that he would be finishing up in a few weeks. He has done so much for the club and football in general it will be strange not to have him around and I'm sure he won't be far away from the game he loves.

My eyes are a lot better now, the eye drops worked a treat - one was an antibiotic and the other contained prednisilone for allergy relief. All swelling went down by Sunday morning and the itchyness and stinging by Monday. Dr was pleased, so was I and now we are happy campers again. No idea what caused it tho.

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