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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reading my 'Bird' entry again I realised I hadn't actually provided any information on the birds


If you follow these links you will be able to 'read all about it'

Yellow tailed Black cockatoo

Australian Magpie

Rainbow Lorikeet

Eastern Rosella

Crimson Rosella

Hope all the links work

I woke yesterday with red itchy eyes which got worse and worse as the day went by, they were really painful during the night so had to get an appointment with the GP this morning. As he's just round the corner I took a chance and fronted up as they opened at 9am and was really lucky in that the receptionist addeed my name and slipped me in first. She probably didn't want me sitting in the waiting room looking like death warmed up, with red bloodshot eyes and big dark circles under the eyes.

Anyway I now have 2 sets of eye drops, am not allowed to drive (what a pain thats going to be) and have to see him again on Monday morning. Bang goes my plans for Monday as he made mention of seeing an eye specialist if it hadn't improved. The other cruncher is I have to stay away from the computer - so this will be it for a few days

Going to be -1c here this evening - I think thats about 30f. I may not even get out of bed tomorrow:))

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