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Friday, July 6, 2007

I actually did it

I think I've said here before that I'm a fair weather walker - which is strange because I was raised in England where the weather can be pretty ordinary at times.

I prefer walking out in the open air but with this winter being so wet and me not being enamoured with walking in the rain I have been treading the boards at the gym. When I manage to go to the Leisure Centre I try to do some walking on their treadmills as well as use some of the other equipment.

Last year I had a go at jogging and after the initial shock of realising I was actually moving faster than a quick walk have been trying a little more each time. Some times I get puffed quickly and give it up as a bad job but recently its become easier and easier. Not sure why as I don't seem to have lost any weight, but having said that my clothes are hanging better so maybe theres been a rearranging of the fat and a tightening of the skin :))

Today I jogged for a kilometre - yes thats right - one whole kilometre. One kilometre is equal to 0.621371192 miles approx. and yes that may not seem like a long distance but for me it is huge.

I started off walking and raised the speed to my jog rate and then seemed to find some sort of rhythm where the legs and feet moved in time with each other and I just kept on going. I kept watching the distance figure go higher and higher and I was determined to see just how far I could go so as I said I just kept on moving. When I got to the magic figure I decided to pull it back to walking pace and not get too excited as I feared I'd lose my footing and fall off the treadmill.

I could just see the headline in the local paper next week:-

Newsflash - 64 yr old Granny says - No she hadn't had a drink before signing in for her daily exercise programme.

lol I'd never live it down :))

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