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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family feelings

Quiet day yesterday and then had a great evening with all (well nearly all) of the family.

We decided to get together at a local Bistro because it mean't that even tho I would love to I didn't have to 'entertain or cook' and could sit down and enjoy all the company also with all those grandchildren coming (total of 10 ranging from 2yrs to 13yrs), and it being winter and really cold and them not being able to play outside this venue was perfect as they have a kids play room - complete with indoor equipment and computer games plus entertainment (a modern clown) to keep young ones entertained - which meant that all the oldies and wrinklies as the 13yr old one said could chatter and natter in peace.

Bit annoyed with our oldest son who didn't come but his partner drove over with their 2 girls so as not to dissapoint me which I thought was lovely on her part because during the time they were seperated she decided to let her feelings be known about her defacto inlaws.

His reason for not coming was as they had an hours drive over here and the same to get home it meant a late night and he would be tired the next morning and that he had to be at work by 7am which meant getting up at 5.30am to leave home at 6am and the last time he saw the visiting brother there were things said about the football team he follows and he wasn't prepared to put up with that again.

Honestly - hes 45 years old and I still have to put up with the silly behaviour :((

Families - who'd have them.

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