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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BIrds in the garden

With the wintery weather and family issues this week I've been a bit down so I thought I'd think about something that makes me smile.

Now for some reason whenever I see or hear a bird preferably in the wild my mood changes.
So I thought you would like to see some of the birds I have seen locally and that have also visited my garden this past week

This is the yellow tailed black cockatoo, one of my DD's who lives close by took this photo in her garden recently and I also saw a couple close to home when I was on a walk the other day. They don't normally come this far down the mountain so we were lucky to see them.
We do get the big white Sulphur (yellow) crested Cockies in great numbers in our area - noisy things that they are they remind me of where I live - Australia

This cocky fella is our Australian magpie, this is the male with a white back, the poor female has to do with a mottled grey coloured back and isn't as big as him either. There must be something about him tho' as he usually has a harem of several females close by and can be very tame even to the point of hanging around and following after me when I am weeding.
They don't seem to have a fear of humans - but can be a problem when the females are nesting. The male swoops down from the trees trying to get you to move on so some parks and gardens put up warning signs at that time of the year.

The next ones are Rainbow Lorikeets and then Eastern Rosellas. We took these a couple of years ago when the LillyPilly was laden with lots of berries. Both these breeds fly around in pairs so if we spot one we usually look for the second one. I definitely perk up when I see these flitting about in the trees and on rare occassions we get the next ones in the trees as well

Unfortunately Blogger seems to think the picture of the Crimson Rosella should go at the the top of the page and each time I try to insert it last it goes right where it is now. Have never managed to get an actual photo but this is a good representation

There just talking about them has made me feel better:)) Now wheres my knitting.


  1. What beautiful birds! We have magpies also, but nothing like these. Ours are black with white & a yellow beak. They have recently returned after being gone for a couple of years, don't know why.

  2. oops, I must have scrolled down to quickly. I thought the magpies were the pretty colored ones. Yours are still different than ours.

  3. I love seeing birds in our yard, we have had alot of rainbow lorikeets lately. And wow..look at that snow..stay warm won't you. :-)brrr.


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