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Monday, July 9, 2007

Are the stars out tonight

Hundreds and thousands of them in fact - not a cloud in the sky - it looks like you see forever if it was possible. Its been the first day for ages with no rain falling in our area and the sun shone most of the day and it was glorious. Cold during the day and going to be colder still overnight.

School holidays and I had babysitting duties for one granddaughter today so Dh and I took her out for lunch at her favourite spot (no, not a fast food outlet) and then later in the day I drove up the mountain and took her into the new maze at a park at the top. It was freezing up there but she was happy and we had a good look at the city from there.

We are so lucky to live close to the Dandenongs - we are in the foothills and its only a ten minute drive from our place to this particular park. Great place to take overseas visitors and good if we want to escape the heat in summer. Can be a good ten degrees C cooler up there on a really hot day.

Another good thing happened today:)))

Our son who lives interstate is in Melbourne on business for a few days with wife and the two little grandsons as well. Hes staying with one of his brothers who lives close to us so Dh and I popped down there late in the afternoon so we would then get to see more of all of the grandchildren together. The 2 whose home we were at, the 2 who are visiting and the 1 we were babysitting.

Those boys are still as happy as before and were not fazed by the plane ride even tho with storms in Sydney this morning they were delayed by over an hour and a half - some of that actually sitting in the aircraft on the tarmac. Granddaughters mother came there to pick her up so I had 3 of my children together at the same time also. With their busy lives thats quite an achievement these days.

Going to bed a happy chappy this evening.

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