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Friday, June 1, 2007


Yes its officially winter here in Australia. If the weather has been anything to go by I would have thought it arrived last week. Rain rain and more rain - really needed rain cose this http://http://www.melbournewater.com.au/content/water/water_storages/water_storages.asp?bhcp=1is what our storage levels are in the Victorian Dams. Not crash hot are they. Water restrictions are still the go and if the levels are no better at the end of August (after the winter rains that is) they will become even tougher.

Its been very cool recently - bit nippy some days and I even had a coat on yesterday so it must of been cold and it means I have to get used to the idea of wearing different clothing and turning the heater on.

Next week the forecast for the week is almost the same each day - highs of about 14/15c and lows of 9/10c. Means jeans and windcheaters most days and tracky suits round the house.

They say snow has started falling up in the high country so the ski resorts are doing happy dances - ski season starts next weekend - Queens Birthday Weekend here in Victoria - and even tho most of the population of Victoria doesn't go near the ski fields we all hope they have a better season than last year. The warmest and driest winter for many many years meant no snow even with the artificial snow machines.

It looks like I may have to change my mind about the 5km walk as DH reminded me we are supposed to be interstate that weekend.

So as they say as one door closes another opens; the Leisure Centre I go to is having a team challenge for the next 12 weeks so I signed up and hopefully the encouragement of others and the team leader as well as gaining points for each time I go will be a help in saying goodbye to the extra 7 kilos I am carting around.

The sooner it goes the better as my wardrobe of clothes is getting smaller. I am getting quite disheartened at the the way I look in some of them and am finding more and more are getting too small for me. Cash reserves at the moment are not allowing me to spend on bigger ones just for the sake of it either.

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  1. Happy Winter!

    Still Spring here until June 21. Then hot summer days throughout July, August & Sept. Last year was mild with only one bad spell in July, 10-12 days of 100+ temps.


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