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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sausage sizzles

Theres nothing like a sausage cooked on a BBQ. Fried Onions and tomato sauce to go with it are a treat these days as the sausages have too much fat in them.

Freezing cold this morning and I was out at a local shopping centre, this was an old style shopping centre with the shops set out around the carpark, where you walk from shop to shop in the sun or rain and then battle the circling cars to get to yours. On a Saturday morning when lots of people are there you often find a trail of cars following you hoping to get your spot when you leave.

This morning one of the local Tennis clubs was having a fundraiser sausage sizzle and I thought b........ it. The smell of fried onions came wafting across and my hand went into the pocket for a gold coin donation so fast even I was more surprised than DH who was with me.

Oh it tasted fabulous - one sausage and onions in a piece of folded bread (white at that something I never eat) and with dead horse as the grandkids call it all over it.

We've just had our shortest day/longest night so it won't be long before summer is here and the BBQ will be on again

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  1. Oh, I can almost smell & taste the fried onions & sausages. Barbeque season for us, pork chops, hamburgers & chicken!


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