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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'll not take me coat off

I remember some of my Mother's friends coming out with this saying :-

I'll not take me coat off as I'm not stoppin - yet half an hour later they would still be sitting at the kitchen table sipping tea Mum had made for them.

I can't stop long this evening but should just say theres been various reasons for not being here.

DH downloads 'things'(read TV Series and Movies) and half the time I can't get near the comp as its too slow and hes using all the bandwidth. Also my life has been busy but I'm well, plodding along at the Gym and trying to get a walk in now and again 'cept on the days its been raining.

I know, never knock a good downpour, but there are some things I just don't like and getting cold and wet intentionally is one of them :))

We've certainly had some very cold nights, has been down to freezing 0c, I knew it was going to be cold on those nights as we could see every star in the sky - why were you outside you ask? - well Venus was glowing really bright and clear in the north west and its my ruling planet so I wanted to get a good look and have a wish. Hope they come true :)) Last night and this evening the crescent moon is right below Venus - quite a sight to see.

As well as the rain we've had some very foggy mornings which have then turned into fabulous sunny dry days, days when the washing dries outside and walking makes you feel good to be alive.

The few lovely sunny days mean't I could get outside and prune the roses and tidy up the very messy garden. Put lots of manure and compost round the roses and pulled out the plants that didn't survive the summer drought. Some of the beds look quite bare but I'm going to wait till spring before I plant again.

So what else have I been doing -

well one wet day I cleaned the gas stove, inside and out and even included the oven!!

We've had it for a while now and with the cost of a new model out of reach at the moment (nearly $2000) I checked out a spare part place and 'treated' myself to some new burners which mean't I had to take it apart to really make it look nice and clean. Its like cleaning your car - makes it look quite different - quite inviting even and so I've been doing a bit more cooking than usual.

Cooking to me is a bit like housework - no sooner have you finished than I'ts time to start over again and being the selfish person I am thats not my cup of tea.

Well I reckon its time for my bedtime cup of Milo. Bought some mini Lamingtons today so one of those will be a treat without too many calories.

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