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Friday, May 25, 2007

The things we do

2007 is almost half way over and I don’t seem to have done anything new. I often try to learn a craft or achieve something I have on my list of things to do but not this year so far. Earlier during the summer I wanted to go to Thredbo and take the walk to the top of Australia. You take the chair lift up the ski fields and then it’s an easy 2-hour walk to the summit of Mt Kosciuoszko.

Being our highest mountain you are literally at the ‘Top of Australia’.

Unfortunately the terrible bushfires during January and February in that area put paid to that, then the national park was closed for a few weeks and after that we never had the time.

So here I am feeling I haven’t achieved something when all the early publicity for the Melbourne Marathon comes on the air the other day. Now that would be an achievement to run a Marathon even a half but I think I’ll leave that to one of my DDs.

I read that this year they are having a couple of shorter events on the same day, starting and finishing at the MCG – traditional home to sport here in Melbourne – with a lap of the ground to finish off and one of them is a 5.5km walk with no cut off time, which means you can take as long as you like and not be turfed off the route if you haven’t passed a certain spot in a certain time.

So I have decided on the spur of the moment that this is going to be my achievement for 2007.

Do the Fun Run/Walk associated with the Melbourne Marathon in October.

I walk at least 3kms whenever I can and often more so I have at least 4 months to get into the habit of doing the distance on a regular basis.

There is a map of the course on the net so I can go into the city several times and do the walk to familiarize myself with the streets and also get an idea of the actual distance and as seniors here in Victoria have free public transport on a Sunday DH and I won’t have to take the car in but can catch the train and have a day out at the same time. Sound like a good idea? The forms not filled in yet but I’m warming to the idea as the days go by.

Might think differently in a few weeks but at the moment I have something in mind and it will also help me with this weight loss that is a non event at the moment.

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