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Friday, May 25, 2007

The things we do

2007 is almost half way over and I don’t seem to have done anything new. I often try to learn a craft or achieve something I have on my list of things to do but not this year so far. Earlier during the summer I wanted to go to Thredbo and take the walk to the top of Australia. You take the chair lift up the ski fields and then it’s an easy 2-hour walk to the summit of Mt Kosciuoszko.

Being our highest mountain you are literally at the ‘Top of Australia’.

Unfortunately the terrible bushfires during January and February in that area put paid to that, then the national park was closed for a few weeks and after that we never had the time.

So here I am feeling I haven’t achieved something when all the early publicity for the Melbourne Marathon comes on the air the other day. Now that would be an achievement to run a Marathon even a half but I think I’ll leave that to one of my DDs.

I read that this year they are having a couple of shorter events on the same day, starting and finishing at the MCG – traditional home to sport here in Melbourne – with a lap of the ground to finish off and one of them is a 5.5km walk with no cut off time, which means you can take as long as you like and not be turfed off the route if you haven’t passed a certain spot in a certain time.

So I have decided on the spur of the moment that this is going to be my achievement for 2007.

Do the Fun Run/Walk associated with the Melbourne Marathon in October.

I walk at least 3kms whenever I can and often more so I have at least 4 months to get into the habit of doing the distance on a regular basis.

There is a map of the course on the net so I can go into the city several times and do the walk to familiarize myself with the streets and also get an idea of the actual distance and as seniors here in Victoria have free public transport on a Sunday DH and I won’t have to take the car in but can catch the train and have a day out at the same time. Sound like a good idea? The forms not filled in yet but I’m warming to the idea as the days go by.

Might think differently in a few weeks but at the moment I have something in mind and it will also help me with this weight loss that is a non event at the moment.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not sure it was a good idea

Coming home to our home after living for a week or more in a house that is owned by a minimalist d-in-law made me wonder if we have too much 'stuff' in each room so the day I changed the sheets I also decided to empty our bedroom, give it a thorough cleaning and then start replacing things piece by piece.

Great idea - well you'd be suprised what I found lurking in the weirdest places. Under the bed was an eye opener (I now know where socks go when they are playing hide and seek) and the amount of books on the bedside lockers made me wonder if there were any in the bookshelves.

The nights have turned a little cooler so I stripped the bed and vacuumed the mattress - I do that every now and again to get rid of any built up dust and other nasties that might be there - and then replaced the mattress cover with a new quilted one. This one is fitted and hopefully will stop that movement to my side of the bed we seem to get with the one that has straps to keep it in place. Not only do I have to flatten sheets each day I have to return the protector to DH's side or he'd be sleeping with just the sheet there. I had bought new pillow covers and cose they are quilted began to have doubts the pillow cases would fit but they were fine. Finished off by changing one of the cotton cellular blankets for a woolen one.

Unlike a lot of people we like to sleep with the window open a fraction, prefer sheets and blankets to using a doona/duvet/continental quilt (we have tried them but find them too hot and 'solid'. Yes even feather ones.) also don't use an electric blanket and as theres one thing I hate and thats being cold in bed, bed covers are an important issue in my life. Test drive that evening was a success so Winter here we come.

Concentrating on clearing the room gave me a chance to clean the windows and wash the 'net curtains' that hang there which of course meant I had to give the fly screens a brush as well as give the paintwork a bit of a wash - can't hang clean curtains up next to dirty window frames can you ?? Looked good when I'd finished.

So when all that was done I was left with a big pile of 'stuff' I'd just pushed out the door and left in the hallway ready to be sorted, energy levels were a bit low so a big box came in from the garage and lots of this 'stuff' found its way there. Nightly trips to the loo mean we need a clear path - nothing worse than tripping over something in the dark! Memories of toy cars being left in the strangest places waiting to be found at 2am by my little tooties. lol

The room had a spacious feeling that night and we'll live with it like that for the time being to see if we enjoy it or want to bring some of the knick knacks back in again. I must say I did look for a magazine to read while waiting for DH to get into bed so maybe I'll just put one in the locker cupboard and not the big pile that was there before.

Feeling brave I did the same to another bedroom this week but thats proving more of a challenge as this is the room all my craft supplies are in. The bed and window were a breeze but sorting all the crafty bits and pieces is taking longer than I thought.

A few months away I cleared out my material stash and as well as metres of material I didn't like anymore there was the scrap bag with - you know - all those pieces we have over from quilts we made and kept with the thought we'd use in a scrap quilt sometime but never got round to it. Thankfully it found its way to a good home.
I hate to actually throw things away and don't always know if op-shops put that sort of stuff out for sale. I've never seen boxes of threads and bits and scraps of material out so assume they don't.
Recently I decided I wanted to do less work on some crafts but more work on others I really enjoy like knitting, cross stitch and wool embroidery so I am having another clear out and offering supplies to friends and via them to friends of friends - the - if they can't use do they know someone who could system

So all this is making me wonder whether to just put back into the cupboard the books and things I intend to use or return all the other supplies and know (because its really tidy) exactly how much I have and where things are if I find someone interested in them. Another thought is because I can see what I've got I might enjoy some of those crafts and not wonder if I've got enough to finish. Because that means a trip to Spotlight and once I get in there my visa card has a fabulous workout and I return home with more than I intended to.

Oh nearly forgot, with the good weather the past couple of days I have begun to walk again. 3kms/30mins and I didn't even feel puffed when I arrived home which tells me I am capable of more.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Can't comment

I'm having a problem getting the comment thingy to show. Will work on it. Some things are a bit high tech for me tho'

Just checked and its back Yeah

Still raining and the heating is on as its rather cool

Heard from 2 grandchildren this evening. One scored a goal at soccer - he's only 5 so was thrilled to bits. The other won her Cross Country event - 20 competitors so she also was thrilled. Hoping to be like her aunt and run half marathons.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Home but so much to do

I finally arrived home from Sydney late last Wednesday afternoon but have been on the go ever since. As I was going to be out really early the next morning I had arranged to pickup the cats in the afternoon but didn’t get back home till after 5pm so rang and put it off till the next day (Friday)

They are looked after so well at this particular cattery I have no problem with leaving there longer, when I turned up both were cuddled up together quite comfortable in an old round papasan chair and seemed reluctant to even move.

Unlike many pedigree cats who are not allowed outside mine are indoor/outdoor cats so have the run of our garden as well as the comfort of the fireside.
There is an outdoor pen/run in the back garden for them to use if I go out in the summer and don’t want them inside, that way I know they are safe and not running the street when I’m not there to keep and eye on them.

Leroy gets really stressed if he’s put into the indoor pens at the cattery and starts to spray so they have the use of an outdoor run each time we book them in, its like a holiday cottage with marvellous views of the cattery owners large gardens, visiting birds and other wild life as well as the chook pen close by.

The chooks are let out to scratch around so Leroy and Kiera have plenty to watch and be entertained by if they aren’t snoozing in the chair.

Then at night the doors to a little 'shed' at the end of the run are closed and with comfy beds, a supply of food, water along litter tray both are safe and warm till morning.

Recently I seemed to have cut down on the number of blogs I read, and I am making fewer and fewer comments as well.
My blog was a way for me to come to grips with my weight gain but has evolved over the year to be a way for me to churn over my thoughts on anything and everything so it hasn’t worried me that not many others read it.

Thank you Lynette at Beloved Children’s chronicles for tagging me.

The fifth full sentence on page 161 of the book I have just finished is:

"You don’t think she might just feel that anyway?”

Taken from Three Dog Night, a confronting story of a friendship renewed after ten years, written by an Australian author, Peter Goldsworthy.

Three Dog Night is an Australian term taken from the bush, which refers to the number of dogs you need to sleep with in the desert to keep warm.

Over the next few weeks I will be trying to finish off some unfinished knitting for a craft stall so most likely will spend less time on the computer. Its been raining again (Hooray) and its a rather cool Saturday outside which is ideal for sitting and knitting so thats what I'm going to do.

Nearly time for Lunch so Bye for Now.