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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A strange week

Yes it’s been a strange week so far

A bit of a confronting one and one that’s made me think about life in general

Monday I had a chat (long discussion) with a friend about Miss Saigon and the ending.

The mother relinquishing her child knowing she would never see him again. In this case literally as she then killed herself.

Could we hand over our children for the sake of a ‘better way of life’?

Many do - over the years many mothers willingly and unwillingly have handed over children for adoption never to see them again.

Similarly there are children removed from mothers and taken into care supposedly for the good of the child. This has sometimes been short term fostering – usually a good thing – good for the child and the mother; then there has been the forcible removal into care which often has had a terrible effect on both the mother and the child.

Our children are grown up now but we both of us were unsure how we would have coped in any situation that meant we had to ‘give them up’

Yesterday morning we learned of the tragedy at the university in America.

Those mothers had no say, Those children were unknowingly relinquished in a second. They had no idea their children would not be coming home.

Then yesterday two of my friends gave me the news that the Big C had entered their lives. A husband has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and a daughter in law with Beast Cancer. Both of the families have no history of Cancer – it has just appeared.

So they are now trying to find a reason. Lifestyle – Diet - Demographics – Local Industry – they are racking their brains for a reason that will most likely never appear.

My love goes to all involved; no matter how we terrible things look we all need love.


  1. Hi Cathy - thanks for you comment on my blog. That was a terrible tragedy in America. Can't even bear thinking about if it was your own children. Those poor families.

    Hope things turn out positive for your friends, a real shock for them both.

  2. Can't even begin to imagine how it would be to lose our children. It would be too unbearable. I feel so sorry for those people too.

    Sorry to hear about your friends. Really makes us reflect on our own life doesn't it. Life is just too short sometimes.


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