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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Oh Lucky Day

I went shopping today with various things in mind to buy and by the time I'd finished was I glad I chose today to spend my money and not yesterday as I originally planned.

Petrol had gone down another cent a litre and as there were warnings of huge price hikes I filled up on the way out. Lucky me - 'cose as I drove past some service stations on the way home it had jumped an enormous amount.

We needed a small CD tower to sit near the computer, mainly for DH’s discs to do with the programs he uses. The storage rack on the desk is filled with all sorts of things and he has started using one of the small drawers, which meant I could never find any scrap paper or pens. This was my cue that the whole desk area was in need of a revamp.

One of the discount shops had a model in their catalogue in the same beech finish as the desk so off I go only to find they had a problem with supplies and it never came in…………………but there was another one there which because of the mix up was being discounted. At $19.99 it was a bit more than I wanted to spend for the purpose it was needed but a quick look told me it was a much better buy than the one I had set my mind on, just a little bit taller than the desk and was discounted by a whopping $7 – down to $12.95

Then on to Kmart, a store I only go into now and again.....have had some bad luck with purchases there so it’s not my No 1 choice.

My lucky day again…………%’s off all over the place.
First sign I saw said 20% off slippers and they were on my list :)

I needed some new slippers and had promised to buy these for myself this month, the slippers I wear were el cheapos bought when the last ones were beyond a joke just before we went overseas last July. They haven’t done the job I wanted so now it’s getting nippy on the toes around the house it was time for new ones.

I decided to get 2 small pairs of fluffy ones like ballet slippers but with a solid sole for beside the bed and a pair of heavier sheepskin ones slip on ones (no back) with a really solid sole for around the house and going to the post box or bin. NOT for hanging washing out tho’.

Socks and Sleepwear were discounted as well and both those things were also on my list. We don't always get the weekly catalogues so all this was a fabulous suprise.

I’d promised myself new socks for the gym for a while so those went in my basket and I started to casually look at sleepwear. Last year for her 13th birthday I gave our eldest grandaughter some silky short-legged PJs and she loved them. I had said to myself that if I could find any more discounted I’d get the next size up for her birthday in September this year. I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I discovered the right size on the rack – down from $20 to $15 so $5 off the original price – and then down to $12 with the store discount.

There was even another surprise when I get to till and the person being served in front of me mentioned ‘pension card’ and I remembered Kmart’s 1st Wednesday of the Month discount for pensioners. I don’t often admit it (unless its to my benefit) but we are on the Age Pension and they have discount Wednesday where by showing your pension card you get another 5% off purchases.

As I said in the beginning Oh Lucky Day. I had recouped the cost of my Coffee and Cake from yesterday (and more).

But then maybe it would be better if I physically put the money I save from reductions and discounts into a money box and opened it at the end of the year. That way I could note exactly how much I have saved.

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