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Monday, April 16, 2007

"Ave a good weekend"'

“Ave a good weekend”

A favourite Australian saying and we have just had a very good one……………. but let me start at the beginning

At our Christmas family get together last December when the family were exchanging gifts DH and I were given an A4 sheet of paper with a lovely verse and the remark that good things come to those who wait.

We were then asked whether we would prefer midweek or weekend, afternoon or evening, given instructions not to plan anything else for the nominated weekend but wait till we were given the all clear.

We waited and waited and finally a few weeks ago were told what our surprise was – tickets to the new Australian production of Miss Saigon (which we never saw first time round as it was only staged in Sydney) along with a hotel booking for Saturday night which meant we were able to have a drink after the show and not worry about driving home from the city late at night. Being there overnight also meant we could have a day in the City on Sunday before driving all of 45 mins home :)

As it is quite a while since we have been to the theatre I was really happy. DH isn’t fussed about live shows preferring the cinema but to me it is something I have always enjoyed. Big productions or little local amateur productions I love them all.

As well as Miss Saigon, there is so much going on in Melbourne at the moment. The Varekai version of Cirque De Soleil has just opened here, Matthew Bourne’s version of Swan Lake with the all male corps de ballet is being performed this week and next and the Comedy Festival is also on at the moment. Something for everyone as they say. I was sure the tickets wouldn’t be for the Ballet ‘cose as much as they knew I would love to go the kids would realise it was just too much to expect their father to sit through it.

So off we went and had a really good time at the show, it was quite novel to just walk across the street from the hotel to the door of the theatre and up the stairs to the Dress Circle. Good seats and luck was on my side – no one with a big head in front of me to block my view.

It was a sad story but one reflecting the world at that time; I found it a bit loud in places and to me it dragged at times.

Can’t take anything away from the talent shown by the actors tho.

Sunday morning we finally decided on to go to the museum and see The Great Wall of China exhibition on at the museum. There were so many rare pieces on display that have come from China to tell the story of the wall which are irreplaceable it was hard to take it all in. The hardest thing to imagine was how old these items were.

The display rooms were set out in order of age/dynasty and were very easy to follow. That’s if you could remember what you just saw and relate it to what you were looking at at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to go again.

I must just tell you about the surprise when going in. We thought it was going to be a free exhibition as pensioners get into the museum for free but no such luck. Anyway DH gets his wallet out and the young man on the desk started to ask if we belonged to this organization or that organization so to cut along story short DH got 50% off his ticket and I ended up with a 20% reduction on mine ‘cose we had the right cards in our pocket. ‘Saved’ enough there to get a coffee down by the river before we finally drove home later in the afternoon.

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