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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Give it a go again

Yes that's going to be my attitude for April - give the walks a go and get back to the Leisure Centre on a more regular basis.

A friend sent me this quote and reading it today made lots of sense.

Everything in the future will change, if you start making the right effort now." - Swami Sri Yukteswar

Here we are, its Wednesday morning after the Easter Weekend and so far I've been for a walk each day this week. What's good about that you say - Earlier in the month I had said there were to be no excuses why I couldn't do things.

Well trudging the streets was becoming a pain for me and I was putting it off until it was too late in the day. Its starting to get dark about 6.30pm now and even tho our neighbourhood isn't that bad and even tho its been a glorious April and has been mild at that time I'm still not too keen being out on my own in the twilight.

So the walks are back on the calendar but much earlier in the day.

Now to the Leisure Centre and my favourite class Body Pump and the runner up Circuit class. Somehow they are going to have to be slotted into at least 3 days of the week.

Short post mainly to reinforce my thoughts - the weight is still stable (65kg) but my old Weight Watchers chart and the Doctor's one also says thats still overweight for my short height so thats why I have to give it a go again by putting in more effort than I have for the past few months.

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