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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fabulous day today

Got up early this morning and there were blue skies, the sun was shining and the grass was still damp from some overnight drizzle. Yes Autumn in Melbourne the way it should be is great. Wasn't it marvellous to see the rain we had last week and I didn't even mind the cool to cold nights we had.

There was one evening however I couldn't fathom out how to turn on the pilot light of the new heater and DH wasn't here to do it for me. After a while I realised how daft I was to think about lighting the fire and just put on a skivvy as well as socks and slippers and forgot all about feeling cold. Did have to use the hot water bottle to warm the bed up tho' !!

Now that the swimming has finished I have to think about where to go from now on. I did try to walk to and from Spencer Street Station (I don't think I'll ever be able to call it Southern Cross Station) and the Crown Promenade hotel where I 'worked' but apart from that did very little walking over the past few weeks as I had to sit a desk most of the day. My daily walk will be the first thing to start again and I need to get back to the gym. Having to get the 5.43am train each rostered day was a shock to the system so the gym and pump classes were the last thing on my mind. I did wonder how I'd fit it in if I was back at work full time.

So this week it will all go again.

No excuses not to get out the door in the mornings, no excuses why I couldn't drink the suggested 2 litres of water each day and certainly no excuses as to why I don't eat my 4 pieces of fruit and healthy meals.

I've been reading lots of 'money' and 'frugal' blogs recently and am going to have to start taking note of the contents and saving ideas as we are contemplating another o/seas trip next year.

I thought I'd try, as suggested in a lot of them, to keep a note of all my spending and see if I can chop a few dollars of the bills here and there over the next few months. Sometimes I'm not very good at being careful with my money so this will be as trying for me as not eating chocolate.

Now theres a way I could save some cash.................that could be my challenge for April. Don't buy or eat chocolate for the month...............the hard part will be not to go down the confectionery aisle in the supermarket. Because breakfast cereal is on the other sideof the aisle from the lollies :(

Maybe each time I look at it in the shops I could put the cost away in a drawer and see how much is there on April 30th.

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